November 15, 2008


Just a few things of amazement in my opinion.... I like those paths that turn up everyday and you need to decide if you are going to take it to wherever it may lead or choose a different path instead. I also find my family an amazement. Is that really a word? I guess it is now!!! My daughter is quite the poser and I like to try out each of the camera settings to get a new look. Another amazement to me are trains. Do you have a favorite sound? Have you ever given it any thought at all what your favorite sound is? Share it with someone! I like hearing the sound of a train. I grew up near railroad tracks and after awhile it just becomes part of your everyday world. Once again I live near tracks and when I hear a train whistle or hear the rumble I remember the security we all had as youngsters with the familiar things around us. Trains were even a game in my family. With the endless games we've played we always had to determine who will be 'IT'. How was that determined? --Engine Engine Number 9 going down the Chicago line. If the train should jump the track do you want your money back? Yes or No? --What would your answer be? Be careful how you'd answer because you may wind up be 'IT'!!!

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