November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

We had a great Thanksiving Day. The whole family was together and everyone at one time or the other was laughed at or rather laughed with. Of course we had to do a yearly picture of the grandchildren to the moans of the boys and to the many poses of the girls. In the end it came out great. It was a tough time sitting still on the rocks and the air had a chill that made us get this pose very quickly. I'm quite sure their grandparents and parent appreciate every moment. We missed having Kathy and Ashley from Massachusetts with us this year but Kathy got a great tour of Italy instead so I'm sure it didn't hurt quite as much. There was more than enough to eat and now we're all on diets --at least until the next meal! Thanks again to Mom and Dad for having us all home. What a blessing my family is to me. --and cute!!!!

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  1. Love this picture sure glad they did not freeze tight on those rocks. Love having you all here we do have a great time Mom


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