November 13, 2008

Where have all the colors gone?

What a dreary day today. All those great Fall colors are now hidden. The valley has become lonesome looking. What stark contrasts to just a week or two weeks ago. It goes to prove we need to sit back and soak in every minute we are given. These pics were taken on one or many of the pink jeep tour weekends this Fall. Notice the last of the bumble bees hard at work. As anyone can notice this is my favorite time of year but if you blink it's over and you ponder as to where the moments have gone....

Have you ever had a book called Where's Waldo? Both of my children were book hounds and we read just about anything on any subject but Where's Waldo was always good for passing some time while we were waiting for someone or something. Play a game called Where's Samantha today. See if you can spot her among this pile or rocks at the top of Waggoner's Gap between Cumberland and Perry county. What a climb this was but the view we got to see from up there was well worth the climb and the decent from there was just as interesting. Have you found her yet?


  1. That is right by my house yo

  2. We could see your house from up there!!! -Holz


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