August 30, 2011

Shippensburg University, Old Main

It's back to school time for elementary, middle schools, high schools and colleges.  
The local college in Shippensburg, PA is welcoming all the students with their great older buildings along with their new buildings that seem to pop up over night.  I attended the Wine and Brew Fest recently and took a walk among the old buildings and enjoyed fitting in a few snapshots.  
Before it was called Shippensburg University it was called Shippensburg State College (SSC) and prior to that it was called Cumberland Valley State Normal School.  It's first students were primarily teachers.  My Grandmother graduated from here and probably walked the paths we took on our little adventure among the old buildings.  

August 10, 2011

Canal Street New York City

If you're in a hurry to get on or off the subway in NYC you can miss lots of vintage artwork.
Slow down for heaven's sake and see beauty in the midst of chaos!

What would you like?
A purse seems to be the most popular item.
You'll get asked endlessly walking up and down the street to go to a back room for your special purse.

Year of the Dragon

This is where us sexy folks hung out!

We stood and gave a Holla but couldn't find one damn thing we wanted to purchase.

August 8, 2011

Golden Ticket

We won the Golden Ticket.
Enter the maze called life!
Nobody gets out alive!

August 7, 2011

St. Paul's Chapel -- A chapel of hope.

The 10th anniversary is looming.
With each new story we hear and read where our brave soldiers are lost, 
a piece of us are reminded of the events of September 11th.
Things have not been the same, our lives are changed forever. 
One thing has remained constant and we cannot lose sight of that.
God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

St. Paul's Chapel

It stood. Not a window broken. Not a stone dislodged.
It stood when nothing else did
It stood when terroists brought September down.
 It stood among myths. It stood among ruins.

To stand was its purpose, long lines prove that.
It stands, and around it now, a shrine of letters,
poems, acrostics, litter of the heart.
It is the standing people want:
To grieve, serve and tend
celebrate the lasting stone of St. Paul's Chapel.

And deep into its thick breath, the largest banner
fittingly from Oklahoma climbs heavenward
with hands as stars, hands as stripes, hands as a flag;
and a rescuer reaches for a stuffed toy
to collect a touch;
and George Washington's pew doesn't go unused.
Charity fills a hole or two.

It stood in place of other sorts
It stood where nothing else could.
The great had fallen, as the brute hardware came down.

It stood.

A poem by J. Chester Johnson

August 6, 2011

Let the good times begin

This is what keeps the city moving.  Uptown, Downtown, to another Borough and even to Juuuurrsey.  The ambiance of the underground is unlike anywhere else.  People are friendly, funny, old, young, small, tall, skinny, fat, scarey, insecure, wild, cheesy, and just about any other adjective.  hey that describes the whole world in one way or another!   Which adjective are people using to describe you?  What adjective would you like people to call you?  How could you achieve that?  I gotta go now I have a lot of work to do on myself!  Hope you're better off than I am!

August 2, 2011


It's been her month the last 30 days.
A new chapter of her life has begun.
Well wishes and love are sent her way.