May 31, 2011

Oasis of the Seas -- Philipsburg, St. Maarten

Pirate of the Caribbean?
or... Captain Morgan waiting to pour a sweet cocktail?

Guilty or Innocent?
Ring Ring Ring those Bells

Oh so early to be shopping, but it sure cut down on the crowds.

Little Pink houses for you and me...

The 'old' leads to the 'new'.

May 30, 2011

Oasis of the Seas -- St. Maarten

I never get tired of the saying...
This is it!  
My 'one' particular harbor.
It's where my mind goes on a cold winter day or a dreary day non-weather related.

Our ship  is bigger than your ship...

Do tell me what better combination exists?

The casino is ready to take your money.
The beaches are ready for your nap.
The shops are ready and full of shiny blingy things!

May 22, 2011

Oasis of the Seas -- Crown Bay Marina

 Crown Bay Marina port in St. Thomas was built just for Oasis of the Seas.
The Allure of the Seas followed.
These are the two largest cruise ships on the ocean these days.
What is coming next? Just how much bigger can they get?
  The door is open to home!
Good bye to St. Thomas at sunset.

May 21, 2011

Oasis of the Seas -- Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

 Shiver me timbers this is one of the most quaint spots in Charlotte Amalie -
Aye Aye!
  the main town on St. Thomas.
If these alleys could talk oh the tales they could tell..
Just beyond doors there's booty to be found!

This girl was looking for some booty at Tiffany's.
If she couldn't find booty then breakfast would do just fine!

May 20, 2011

Oasis of the Seas -- St. Thomas

 I'm thinking I could make this my home....
----House on the Hill
 This was our watering hole so to speak back on the cruise of 2006.
-- Bologno Bay --
It was interesting seeing it from a different angle.
 There's room for you down in paradise!  
Undeveloped opportunities!
Charlotte Amalie
Can you spot a house that you'd like to call home for a week? 

May 19, 2011

Oasis of the Seas -- Trunk Bay St. John

Today's post contains many pics of some Island people I found interesting 
at Trunk Bay on the island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands

One of my top 10 places I've had the opportunity to visit...

Grandmother and Grand Daughter.
I think they both are just Grand!

My wonderful parents:
Always ready for a wordily adventure.
Always ready to take care of family and one another.
Being in their mid 70s has not slowed them to keep up with this wild world.

My greatest model.

All aboard the cattle bus to go back and meet the ship. 
--sad this day came to a close but who knows what lies ahead!

Of course he's "waitin on a woman" as the song goes...
The woman happens to be Island Girl our transport boat
 from our cruise ship to the island of St. John.

Always available with a smile.  
Those smiles can do almost anything!

Certified Island Girl!

Back on board The Island Girl!

May 10, 2011

Oasis of the Seas -- Trunk Bay Blue

Please accept my apologies for blinding you with blue!

Snorkel heaven.  
I snorkeled  the underwater water trail from the time I arrived until we were beckoned back to the taxi.

No matter where you turned your eyes were filled with great things to look at!


Can you spot the One horn butt fish?

The blue ball and the red one in the distance mark some of the underwater trail.  
I must admit my own personal adventure...
While snorkeling I was blissfully unaware of anything but my personal space.  
All of a sudden I smacked into something hard and was taken back quite a bit.  I popped up out of the water and there was this big (little) yellow kayak!   I ran into the life guard in the middle of the ocean!   He was sitting still watching all the other snorkelers and I came up from behind and SMACK!   My thoughts were 'only me' !  Of course the life guard apologized and inquired if I was okay but I could only laugh and wave.  Off I swam hoping he would never see me again!    -the end!

May 6, 2011

Oasis of the Seas -- Trunk Bay @ St. John, USVI

Excursion to St. John, USVI
Trunk Bay

Waaay back in 1982 I had the privilege of traveling
 to the island of St. John, United States Virgin Island.
29 years later...
The various shades of blue are still sparkling at some
of the most beautiful beaches on this ole globe.
I was somewhat excited to venture back here and I waited and waited until
the time was just right.
We spent the day at Trunk Bay and couldn't ask for more beautiful pristine conditions.
Unfortunately I didn't get to lay back in the sand and relax.  Who could close their
eyes when you're here!  I snorkeled the underwater trail the entire time we were here.
Needless to say I was quite content and happy to be there.  
When it came time to choose a picture of this tranquil place I couldn't decide what
I liked the best!  Hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope you get to visit here too!

May 3, 2011

Oasis of the Seas -- On the way to St. John

Home Sweet Home?

Come Sail away with me!

On the way to St. John USVI...

May 1, 2011

Oasis of the Seas -- Crown Bay Port

As the ship docks the shops are making sure everything is stocked up.
My favorite find?  - A Philip Stein ceramic watch.
This is the stopping spot and starting spot of the St. Thomas USVI adventure.  
The windmill would make you think this is a dutch island but it belongs to the 
good ole U.S. of A.

This charming lady was part of the welcoming committee complete with a little reggae music.

Care to dance?
This fellow was willing to indulge in a little island rhumba!