December 23, 2016

Mt. Washington Railway

It appeared to us below that the railway way reaching to the top.
Once we were in our railway car we realized that this wasn't even the beginning of the ascent!
You could almost draw a line where the frost began.

The chugging begins.

While waiting for you train there's lots to explore at the base station.

All the railway cars are tin top notch shape.  
Ascending and Descending the mountain every day requires on-going maintenance.

The passenger rail cars provide warmth and comfort for the ride.

December 17, 2016

Mt. Washington Cog Railroad Base Station

Starting at 2700 ft is just the beginning of adventure at the Mt. Washington Cog Railroad Station.

The beginning of the climb.

The ole steam engine is the worker bee!

Look closely at for the cogs that gives the mountain its name!

The cogs keep the trains safe when navigating the mounting tracks.
Through the rain, snow, sleet, ice, winds and 'sun', the cogs keep the train secured to the tracks.

From all around the world folks make their way to the mountain.
--If you build it they will come--
God provided the mountain and the cog railway provided the access!

December 12, 2016

Kennedy Compound and St. Andrews Hyannis Port, MA

St. Andrew Episcopal Church
Sitting on a grassy hill the views out over the ocean is astounding!

St. Andrews looks out over the Kennedy compound along the ocean front.

You can see most of the Kennedy Summer homes from out on the ocean.  
The three dormer home was Joe and Rose's!

A wide view of the palatial Hyannis ocean front homes.
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