August 31, 2009

First day of High School

Freshman! 9th grade! Oh noooo-- she's growwwwwing up! My stylish young lady is usually so particular about what she wears. But what about those skinny jeans??? Oh to be young.

"Dale!", where Chip?

So Dale has been hanging out on our back deck looking for Chip. Hopefully they were reunited when they went for a little drive to a nearby area so they could be together.

August 30, 2009

Highlights (to me)

"Yes, I like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain.
After a mad dash to the car to rescue my seats from getting any wetter because I failed to put the window up we then sat there and just enjoyed the downpour.
Game night!!!
I think I won!! ---Just by being with this crazy gang!

This is our Summer friend. We do not know his/her name but we do enjoy saying hello each week on our way to and from church. I'm thinking that maybe his buddies get to go to church and he/she's left behind wishing he/she could jump the fence and be with his/her buddies. We live in Amish country and pass many many horse and buggies on a Sunday morning. Our buddy pictured here never fails to be waiting for us.

August 27, 2009

View of the week

For quite a few years we've enjoyed this front porch. Every year the hanging baskets are full and bright. When I snapped this picture I didn't even take notice to the great mailbox in the lower left hand corner. What came to mind? The song by Jason Aldeen "Big Green Tractor" -------
i'll take you for a ride on my big green tractor
we can fire it up and I can show you around
sit up on the hill and watch the sun go down
when the fireflies are dancing and the moon comes out
we can turn on the lights and head back to the house
or we can take another ride on my big green tractor

August 25, 2009


Can you guess Sunrise or Sunset?
I don't think Crayola has the market on colors....

August 22, 2009

Looking to the future

Here I am again seeing my son off to college for year #3 already. Wasn't it just yesterday when we were excited and scared about the freshman year? He's off to far away places across the United States playing ball wherever there's a field. He is on his own this year with moving in and setting up the apartment. I wonder how it looks or maybe I don't want to know! I'm proud he's so independent to do all of this on his own but no matter what I hope he always wants his mama around. His future is bright no matter where the road leads and I wish him nothing but the best.

August 18, 2009

Shippensburg, PA and Vacation Bible School

Vigilant Hose Company #52

West End Fire and Rescue Company #15

AWESOME!!! So many thanks to the volunteer fire fighters of Shippensburg, PA. We had both departments come to our vacation bible school at Cleversburg U.M. Church. The guys showed the kids the workings of a fire truck and I can say everyone really enjoyed it. It was something new this year and what a hit it was. What a comfort it is for the folks of Shippensburg to have two great companies at either end of town working together. What I thought was particularly great was I found the three young men below who have attended bible school at our church not so long ago. It's truly remarkable to see that they've grown into really great guys and volunteer for their community. Keep up the great work guys you are truly blessed. If you see a firefighter thank them for all they do and also say a prayer for their continued safety because you never know if you may be the next one that they will be saving. God's grace to you fire fighters!

Tyler and Zac


August 17, 2009

Sam's confirmation day

Thanks to family and friends that joined in celebration of my daughter's confirmation day. I'm so happy that she stands firm in her belief in God to guide her throughout her life. God has surely blessed her and return she's been a blessing to us all.

Sorry I neglected to get pictures of everyone. You too Evan!

August 13, 2009


She makes me laugh. She makes me cry. She has an old soul. She is a nerd. She is my fashion queen. She is the good kid (as she says). She has a heart of gold. She is kind to everyone. She is as adorable as a golden retrieve. SHE is my BFF!!

August 11, 2009

St. Peters Roman Catholic Church, Harpers Ferry W.V.

No words can adequately describe this. Inspiring.What a climb up these stone steps. Was it worth it? You bet. Between the church and the outstanding view overlooking the merging of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers with the surrounding mountains......breathtaking!

The inside of the church was as inspiring as the outside. The climb was well worth it!

August 10, 2009

Harpers Ferry W.V.

Do you have a favorite sound? Have you ever given it any thought if you had a favorite sound? One my favorite sounds are train whistles. It reminds me of growing up by the tracks. We always lived 'on the other side of the tracks'! These tracks led into a mounain tunnel from Harpers Ferry W. V. to Maryland Heights. What sights!

Cruisin down the river on a Sunday afternoon... Oops it was Saturday but the song didn't fit. There were hundreds of rafters floating down the Shenadoah and Potamac Rivers. Our favorite floaters were the groups with a raft just for their cooler. What a way to spend a Summer day.
Hey up there! There brave climbers scaled the mountain. What a workout that would be. Just watching them made my knees hurt. Brave souls!

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August 8, 2009


An old bridge that was swept away in a flood years ago still has the supporting walls. Out of the walls nature finds a way of providing us with pleasure and curiosity. If man attempted to plant these trees on the old bridge supports in the middle of the river I'm sure it wouldn't grow but if you step back and let God what greatness can happen....
This flower has had me curious for about three years. I've seen them on the roadside to and from work and wonder often what it is called. Today I discovered this one at a national park all by its lonesome. Do you think I could've uprooted it and give it a new home in my yard? I need to find out about this tall and proud flower. I'm sure it's in the lilly family but my search has begun to plant my own and give it it's proper name.

August 4, 2009

Trufulla Tree

This is our Trufulla tree in the front yard. We were spending some rocking times on the front porch recently watching thunderstorms all around us and snapped our favorite tree in the yard. Why do we call it a Trufulla tree? Go on a search of 'The Lorax' to find out! The Once-ler decides to chop down a Trufulla tree and he's doomed by greed while making a profit from his thneeds. Dr. Suess sure was an inspiring man!