November 29, 2014

Berks County Pennsylvania Barns

Berks County has barns as a commodity.

Spotted this well kept barn along the Kempton-Wannemaker Railroad.

This red barn is at the entrance to the Kempton Railroad.

Always on the look our for a winery -- we came across this big barn.
Image it full of tobacco with all the doors open to dry it out!

November 24, 2014

Kutztown Hex Signs

This is painted at the barn at the Kutztown University's German Center.

At first you think of ying and yang.

I thought about cropping out the broom but then thought that's
the interesting aspect to the picture.

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November 22, 2014

Orange County Choppers ~ Christmas Bike

The Christmas Bike
Orange County Choppers is the place to let the imagination soar.
Notice all the unusual makings for this bike.
-Antler handle bars
-reindeer fender
-candy cane spokes
-iron sleigh under the carriage and in the back (for presents)
-Christmas Tree exhaust
-Christmas lights

Its no Rudolph but I'm sure this reindeer can still get the job done.

The gas tank is festive and the handle to the left must be for when the bike takes off
and out of sight!

Everyone needs a Christmas Tree!

The sleigh can hold the bag of toys!

November 21, 2014

West Point and the Hudson

Trekking along the Hudson river.

Gillis Field House along the Hudson.

Looking toward West Point along the Hudson

The lonely sail boat on the Hudson

November 19, 2014

West Point Football ~ Army Black Knights

West Point 
Army Black Knights

Surrounded by mountains the football stadium offers a great game and great views!

The Army wants to:
Beat Navy
Beat Air Force

Do you think the Navy wants to:
Beat Army
Beat Air Force?

Do you think the Air Force wants to:
Beat Army
Beat Navy?

November 18, 2014

Corning Glass: Corning, NY

The Corning Glass Museum host beauty in every corner.

Stained glass has soothing qualities.

The vibrancy!

Our Churches are filled with great art.
Corning glass includes some of this art too.  The details 
are astounding!

November 15, 2014

Seneca Lake ~ Finger Lakes ~ Watkins Glen

I had about an hour to find something to to and decided to spend 
it along the shore of Seneca Lake in Watkins Glen just prior to sunset.
It was chilly but beautiful!

With the sound of the waves lapping and the gorgeous views all was at peace!

Just before the sun set behind the hills the rays gave one last burst.

Day is done.

This little guy was curious as to what I was doing.  He flew around me for at least 10 minutes.

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November 13, 2014

Seneca Lake at Finger Lakes Wineries and More

Just when you get your fill of wine other options come into view.
Seneca Lake Distillery offers vodka, brandy, whiskey and gin.
Of course you can do a tasting but beware of the kick!

A musical instrument?
Just part of the still.

Wall wine art at JR Dill Winery

Award winners at Hazlitt Winery

Rasta Ranch
Don't be an outside judger!
Enter and find the unusual and extraordinary trinkets along with some tasty wine!

Rasta Ranch greeter

Rasta Rance lighting

November 11, 2014

Seneca Lake ~ Miles Winery ~ Finger Lakes

Miles Winery
My favorite winery around Seneca Lake because of the building!
A Greek Revival home which would be a perfect place for a wedding or a 
romantic get away!

Grab a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers and head to the picnic table!

Enjoy the views across the lake.

Not relaxed yet?
Head down to the lake a listen to the water lapping with the warm sun warming you!

Sun too warm? Head back up the hill under the trees!

Ahhhh, shade!

November 10, 2014

Seneca Lake Wineries and Scenery ~ Finger Lakes ~ New York

Zugibe Winery

Fox Run

Earle Estates and Meadery
What is a meadowy?
Wines made with honey!

Glenora Winery

Views of Seneca Lake at Glenora Winery 
Breathtaking even in early spring!

November 9, 2014

Seneca Lake, Finger Lakes ~ Grand Buildings

A barn is a grand building so the title suggests...
I captured this little gem through the car window.  The red barns around Seneca Lake
are a step back in time.  I'm glad to see that for the most part they are still 
used and given care.

A Church is alway a grand building no matter how big or how small.
I'm sure at one time this was a holy place to worship.
Being I'm a small country Church person I have a soft spot for these places.
Can you imagine what all these older places of worship would look like
if we stayed dedicated?  What happens to move out?  Bigger?  Better?
Anyways this place is 'For Rent'.  
I pray it finds a new embrace for the glory of God.

This silo has lost its top!!
I wonder what the story is?

Most would agree this is defiantly a grand building along Seneca Lake.
This is Rose Hill Mansion.
Unfortunately we missed out on touring this gothic revival home. It was closed the day
we visited but it's on my list for a return visit!

Of course we came upon another grand building on the opposite side of the lake from Rose Hill.
This is Belhurst Castle.
You can spend the night, enjoy the spa and taste their wines while enjoying the beautiful 
views of the lake

The red barns certainly are grand is this part of the country!

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