April 28, 2014

Reversing Falls -- Kayaking in St. John New Brunswick, Canada

One awaits his turn and the other gives us a free show.
These guys certainly weren't first timers in the rapids.

Hold on and enjoy the ride!
To see a video of these guys in action check out my YouTube video HERE!

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April 26, 2014

Reversing Falls - Saint John, New Brunswick

The Reversing Falls on the Saint John River in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.
The blues and greens couldn't have been more prevelant!
From this point of view the rapids don't look too daunting, but up close
is quite a different look.  
The Bay of Fundy helps to make this phenomena possible.

Half the day the river pours into The Bay of Fundy and the other half of the day
The Bay of Fundy pours into the river.

The water was mesmerizing.
The sound was more than I had anticipated.

April 23, 2014

O Canada!

Entering Canada the skies were
disconsolatewretchedabject, downcastdispirited,downhearted,
 supernatural, and otherworldly.
We then passed the arches (below) and I knew all was clear and well!

The Arches of Canada!

April 9, 2014

Pennsylvania Amish

Pennsylvania !
Around several different parts of Pennsylvania your traffic jams are 
not always from cars or trucks.  We have tractor and buggies.
Slow down and enjoy the farm land views.

April 3, 2014

Fort McClary at Kittery Point, Maine

Since1689 a fort of some sort has stood at this site protecting the Maine coast.

The hexagonal blockhouse replace other building in 1844.
Can you imagine living here keeping any eye on the harbor day in and day out?

This was the rifleman's house where most of the ammunition was stored.

Ready for battle

Looking through the lookout slats from inside you can see Constitution Light
in the distance.

Inside the hexagonal blockhouse.
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April 1, 2014

Maine Coastal waters

Constitution  Light on New Castle Island
As we drove along the coast we came upon many picturesque stops.
I wish I could've had the time to get the names and places of 
everything we came upon.  I must retire and go back and 
take our time and make this drive again!

Whaleback Light and Wood Island (left)
In the far distance you could make out this lighthouse.
I almost missed it!

Along the coast was relaxing but I'm quite sure 'on the water' would
be even more laid back!

I wonder what would happen if he got a bite on each fishing pole?

Surely someone wouldn't mind if we borrowed one of the empty boats 
for a few hours.  The little house on the island seems quite intriguing!