September 28, 2015

Mail Pouch Tobacco along Route 6

Along Route 6 in Pennsylvania you find many wonderful views!
Not a faded Mail Pouch ad but a well kept one!

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September 27, 2015

Smethport, PA ~~ Mansions

Wealth found Smethport, PA through Lumber, Oil, and Railroads.
If you have the opportunity this town is worth the stop along
the wild woods of Pennsylvania.
A mini White House?
Tara from Gone with the Wind?

The porches make my list of important qualities!

The colorful details are artful but require lots of upkeep.

McKean County Court House.

The entrance makes it a home!

A place of Worship is a must for any town.

Some may say...
A lavendar home?
It fits right in with the quaintness of the town!

September 22, 2015

Kinzua Bridge from a different point of view!

Showing its strength

When Mother Nature comes knocking all the strength mankind can muster
seems not to matter.

From down under you can see the skylight on the walkway.
Can you imagine a train making the trek across this bridge which is now to nowhere?

Pennsylvania Mountain views!

September 16, 2015

Kinzua Bridge escapade

Some of the old railway remains on the standing part of the bridge.

Walk out to the end and take a look down!
Pets are welcome too!

Looking across to the other side of the tracks.

The mangled pieces remain scattered on the mountain floor after a tornado.

September 14, 2015

Kinzua Bridge State Park

Follow the path to an amazing view! 

I was able to finally visit Kinzua Bridge!
Literally in the middle of nothing, it lived up to my expectations!
The views were spectacular for 360 degrees.  It would've been great to have rode
a train across this divide especially in the Fall.

This spot has now become a Pennsylvania state park and is expanding.
Visitors can come and learn the history!
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September 12, 2015

Pennsylvania Summer Fairs

For the sweethearts who want to get away at a local fair!

For all the swingers out there!

Something for everyone!

September 9, 2015

Indian River Inlet Bridge - Delaware

What a perfect morning walk.
My favorite beach time is an early six mile stroll up and over and around
the bridge.  A great start to the day.  The views are ever changing.

From the top of the bridge you can see a huge portion of 
the Delaware beaches.

A glowing view from another angle.  
The light fell so differently from this side of the bridge.  
A quiet morning for some fishing.

September 8, 2015

Inside the bridges of Adams County

'X' marks the spot

The criss cross is what keeps this bridge grounded.

There's a method to this maze

A few old covered bridges incorporate other
building concepts of the bent or curved wood structure.

September 7, 2015

Bridges of Adams County

Hikes Covered Bridge
This bridge is plainly not in use but is still beautiful!
It's used as storage by the present owner.

Saucks Covered Bridge
This is most like the most photographer covered bridge in Adams County.
It's located near Gettysburg, PA 
Be careful though, ghost have been known to give a spook!

Jack's Mountain Covered Bridge
This small gem of a bridge requires a red light on either side to keep 
the traffic congestion down!
This is the only covered bridge still in daily use for traffic.

I was unable to get to the Anderson Farm Covered Bridge but plan on
making it there some day!
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