September 25, 2012

New Orleans Jazz Fest 2012

There was Jazz and there was Heritage and then:

The menus included quite the assortment.  Being from Central Pennsylvania one would expect the usual fair food of hoagies, burgers, hotdogs, french fries, onion rings,  roast beef,  bean soup, perigees,  pulled pork,  ice cream,  apple or peach deserts, and of course the all time favorite funnel cake.  In the deep South at the New Orleans Jazz Fest none of these foods were to be found.  Like any foodie we went with the flow and found some local grub.  It was all interesting and well ...  very good once we got past the thought of 'they really eat that'!  

 Monica:  My personal favorite because it contained noodles!   Another new favorite included in Monica was crawfish and just that right taste of cajun flavoring!
Poulet Fricassee:  chicken on a stick

Jama Jama:  sauteed spinach

Fried Ripe Plantains:  another form of the banana family

Cajun Boudin Balls:

Crawfish Remoulade:

Alligator sauce piquante:
 Shrimp and Okra Gumbo:

Shrimp and Grits:
 Red Beans and Rice with Sausage:  My husband and daughters all time favorite!

Veggie Red Beans and Rice:

Blackberry Cobbler:
 Crabmeat Po-Boy:

Creole Stuffed Crab:

Catfish Almondine:

 Cochon De Lait Po-Boy:

Gator Po-Boy:

Crawfish Po-Boy:
 Crawfish Sack:

Oyster Pattie:

Crawfish Beignets:

Turkey Po-Boy:

Roast Beef Po-Boy:
 Mango Freeze:

Roasted Peanuts:

Roasted Pecans:

Pheasant Andouille Gumbo:

Quail Andouille Gumbo:

Crawfish Enchilada:

September 23, 2012

New Orleans Jazz Fest 2012

Jazz Fest
Native Americans

The vibrant colors, the dances, the music that the Native American Village provided were astounding.  The details were endless and overwhelming.  

Mardi Gras Indians also provided entertainment throughout the complex.

September 17, 2012

New Orleans Jazz Fest 2012

It's about time I cover my fun week in New Orleans.
A bitter-sweet week with college graduation and Jazz Fest wrapped up in one.

Jazz Fest:

The first hurdle was the logistics to get to the gate. 
 Taxi Chaos?
No matter what you chose 'the line' awaits.
Of course being newbies we arrived early but could've waited awhile and just walked in without the wait.  I must say though the wait in line was worth the entertainment spectacles.  Come one, come all it matters not what you wear or don't wear but bring your party mind and be ready for just about anything to cross your path.

Naw, I can't be wrong!  
Can I?
It was early but later the lines began....
You just don't see these kind of booths at Pennsylvania events unless it's specifically a Wine Festival.  These booths provided the entertainment to all who purchased later in the day.

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
Let the music begin!

Our first band.
Los Po-Boy Cites
Check out one of their songs.
 as they had a good beat AND you can dance to it!

Music, Food and  local culture!