June 28, 2017

Notre Dame ~ South Bend, IN The Main Building

In a little side trip I had the pleasure of checking out some of the Notre Dame campus.
The Main Building 
The golden dome and Mother Mary shine from every direction.

You can feel the blessings being poured out to all those below.

Even from behind the golden dome stands out above all else.

Even the stairs give you a regal feel.

Even the side views show off the Indiana brick.

June 26, 2017

Castle Rock St. Ignace, MI

I see it, I must try to climb it!
For a fee of $1.00 you too can climb Castle Rock.
Stop by St. Ignace in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!

Look down to St. Ignace, Michigan and out across Lake Huron.

Take a 360 degree turn and look across the Upper Peninsulas' vast pine tree collection! 

Sitting patiently at the bottom of Castle Rock Paul Bunyon and his buddy Babe the Blue Ox
will wait for you.  A fellow guest told us that when he was a youngster they used to climb
upon Paul and Babe, but today the fence is protecting them for further generations.

Did you lock your car before the climb?  
No worries Paul and Babe will make sure all is safe.

At almost 200 feet below you can view the next climbers starting to make their trek!
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