November 6, 2008

Square Meal!

My daughter. Is she blond? No. Butttttttttttt.... On the way to our yearly excursion to the beach her Grandfather points to a field with hay bales and says, "those cows will be getting a square meal". My daughter says, "what- I don't get it". Why doesn't she know what a square meal is, he wonders. She tried to figure out what all that meant for months. The hay bales used to be square and much smaller then the progression to round hay bales and being much bigger occurred. Now we see the square hay bales are back but are four times the size! Her Grandfather casually implied those lucky cows will get a 'square meal' as oppossed to a round meal. Of course this had other implications that still had my daughter scratching her head....... This picture is for my Dad. We found more square meals close to home!!! Our local cows will be lucky too and will have a square meal tonight!

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  1. I love looking at these blogs Keep up the good works they make me smile everyday Love you Mom


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