June 27, 2016

Hilltop House Hotel, Harpers Ferry, WV

Abandoned but beautiful!
The Hilltop House Hotel is controversial as to weather it will be rebuilt or not.
Some believe it's haunted.   Do you see something at the turret window?
Check out the views below!

The Potomac River flows below.  Open the windows and have a peaceful sleep!

High on a hill sets the lonely.....Hilltop House!

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June 25, 2016

Potomac and Shenandoah convergence ~ Harper's Ferry, WV

Along with a Civil War battle converging at Harper's Ferry,
the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers also have their own convergence
on a continual basis.

The Shenandoah from Bolivar Heights

The Potomac from the old Hill Top Hotel.

June 21, 2016

National Harbor ~ Washington DC

The Capital Wheel
You can check out the Potomac River from the top!

An enclosed ferris wheel to enjoy in all kinds of weather!

The Gaylord resort.
I first got to experience the resort for a Navy convention.
There's lots to offer and explore both in the resort and outside!

The awakening!
He patiently puts ups with countless people climbing upon him.
One of there days he's going to be fully awake and come up out
of sand and run down the river!

June 20, 2016

Strawberry Moon 2016

The clouds finally flitted away and all that was left was the light of the Strawberry Moon!

The rising had a slow partially covered start!

As the moments ticked the clouds seemed they would win by over taking the moon.

Finally as the moon rose I could sing
I can see clearly now!
--the clouds are gone.....
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June 15, 2016

Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area

The snow geese take over!

The birds perform in a fly-by!

Although most of the geese are white as can be you can find a few with some color.

Taking a rest before another fly-by show.

Some days it can be find to find the water under the geese.  

June 14, 2016

Cornwall Iron Furnace

A spur of the moment day trip to Cornwall, PA brought us to the Cornwall Iron Furnace.
The old brownstone buildings stand the test of time.

The Abattoir building was the smokehouse and butcher shop.
What a great building for a meat provider!

The main building made you feel you were going to Church.

The Paymaster occupied this building, so come pay day where to you think the most
popular place was in town!

Cornwall Miners Village.
If you needed a place to stay with your family while working for the company homes
were available.  What a cozy little village!  It's still occupied today with private residences. 

June 13, 2016

Penn State University ~ Old Main

I was lucky enough to enjoy some time on the PSU campus exploring some buildings
and their history.  As on many campuses it all started with Old Main!

The Old Main Tower stands majestically among the trees while overseeing the campus activity.
Thanks to the Class of 1904!
I'm taking it to mean your education may seem slow but worldly!
Or when Atlas became tired he found a turtle to hold the world aloft for him?
What's your take?
Thanks to the Class of 1966!

No matter the angle Old Main definitely lets you know it there!
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