November 18, 2008

Flying around

My friend Andy was so generous to fly us around Cumberland and Perry County one fine day. He flies a sleek plane back and forth from Tewksbury, Mass each week to help us out with some major programming. These pictures are from our joy ride on a great day weather wise. His plane has only one engine though but lo and behold we landed safely and have some great shots to remember it all.

The first pic is looking down the Susquhanna River toward Three Mile Island. The second is looking up the river at Harrisburg, PA. Don't you love the arch bridges!

This is a picture of where we work. All the buildings are lined up in neat little rows. --That's all I have to say about that....

This is a view coming across to my neighborhood. Everything looks so much neater and in order from the air.

This is a shot after we landed safely. It's a wicked little plane. Thanks for the ride or shall I say thanks for the FLY! ---A good time was had by all!!!

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