August 31, 2014

Halifax Citadel Musicians, Nova Scotia

Although the day was filled with moisture in many forms and quite windy,
the show still went on....
and what a pleasure it was!

Decked out in style

The young gentlemen that performed truly were talented.
We svn got a full explanation of every part of their

The drummers also were dressed to the nines!

Patience was also a talent...

August 24, 2014

School Time at The Citadel in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Most everywhere is starting a new school year.
Everyone at the citadel of school age also had to make sure they were on course!

Adding and Subtraction - necessary!

The Bell
 It tells you when to be seat, when to go to lunch, when your day ended
most of all it tells you when to pay attention!

We never stop learning about our World.

August 19, 2014

The Citadel, Halifax, Nova Scotia ~ Tunnels and Doors

Just a small tunnel providing some storage.

A quick passage through the 'fortified' wall!

It appears to be dirt/grass on the other side of this wall so just where does this door lead?

When you get to the end of the trail -  pitch your tent and spend the night...

Inside the tunnel you have the option of barring the door and getting some alone time!

August 4, 2014

Halifax Citadel ~ Powder Keg

The citadel is a self contained village.
Of course they have the means of defense or to have the best fireworks around.

Of course these barrels are now empty but at one time it was someone's job to 
have shipped
move to be used in cannons/guns

Do you think they all contained gun powder?
Or maybe some wine?

Fortified walls...
The double walls helps protect the barrels and barrels of gunpowder.
What else is going on around the world?