April 30, 2009


Just something I found interesting in some odd way. A local company manufactures these fine pieces of machinery. I can imagine the work it took to line them all up in a row. Are they bowing to one another? Are they making a tunnel to walk through? It's too bad they're on a back road and don't get noticed unless you venture out into the country. I"m sure they are ready to be shipped world wide. Anyone interested?

April 28, 2009

No Vacancy!

The gold finches are gold finally! They're enjoying the feeder in the back yard. Click on the picture to get a closer look at the finch on the right yelling "What are you doing, get outta here it's full"! I love the little finch in flight but where will he land?

April 27, 2009

2009 ??

2009 or 1909? There is one small hint.... In 1909 would there have been a reflective triangle?
This is a regular scene on my way to and from church each Sunday. There's something to be said for the simpleness. We hurry and rush through our days and miss the little things that are right there in front of our eyes.

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April 22, 2009

April 21, 2009

Sporting Beauty!

Today's feature is my beutiful niece playing lacrosse. She is so talented. I was delighted to have the opportunity to watch her play. I'm still wondering just how did she grow up so fast? Keep up the great work Monica!!


A Big Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law today!!

Many many more!!

April 20, 2009

Spring Spring Spring into Color

Out and about this week I was able to enjoy the colors of Spring. We all have been awaiting this adventure over the long bleak Winter. The sun even decided to shine and add luster to the flowers. I've missed opportunities to spy out some tulips though as I looked back on the pics I was able to capture. That will require another trip. Who cannot smile or feel the love when checking out the vibrance on a Spring day. Enjoy!

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April 19, 2009


Who doesn't appreciate the single flower. Who does appreciate the dandelion? Weed? Beauty? Medicinal? What if the trend started that whomever can grow the most dandelions in their yard would have the most coveted yard of the season? They offer a vibrant color that hasn't been around all winter. They also offer a healthy salad with it's leaves and I've always heard a little wine each day can help with those arteries so why not try dandelion wine?

I've heard that if a dandelion bloom stayed open all night it meant rain the following day. If you sniff a dandelion and your nose turns yellow, you are in love or did it mean you like butter? It was believed good luck to carry a few among your wedding bouquet, as it would bring prosperity to the marriage in money, children, and health. It is to be bad luck to pick dandelions in a cemetery, except to lay them on a loved one's grave. And who hasn't showed a young child how to blow a dried up dandelion and watch it scatter? My first memory of dandelions? Hold one between your thumb and pointer finer and flip the head of the flower off as you say....Mama had a baby and it's head popped off. Now where did that ever start?

April 17, 2009

Cory in the film

Just another day having fun on the computer using my kids as guinea pigs. Since television drives me nuts I find attempting to use my creative side more appealing. Creativity I know is subjective but I do find it relaxing learning to use different tools and ending up with a finished product. I don't like spending hour upon hour on a project and waiting on perfection so I guess I'll never be a 'professional' photographer but I do have fun. Maybe I need to come up with only one hobby and do it well instead of having many and never perfecting any..... Anyways... Today's pic of course is my son and the green grass (finally) from my back yard. He's throwing his splitter so watch it doesn't hit you...it leaves bruises!

April 15, 2009


Living what? Lagniappe -- a little something extra! Since my son has moved to New Orleans I've learned almost another language and culture. I enjoy learning about history any where I've been and New Orleans has opened up a whole new area for me. It's such a unique city from any other city I've been in. It has it's own flavors and fun. I've learned about eating beignets, muffulettas, Kings Cakes, Red Beans and rice (yuk), cafe au lait, gumbo, jambalaya, andouille sausage, crawfish, BBQ shrimp, etouffee, grilled oysters (my personal favorite), and I've only just begun!! I need to go back many more times to experience the rest. Today's pic is from a fun trip where we arrived at dinner and were seated on the side walk tables. We found out we had some of the coveted seats but the most coveted seats was in the back of a small pickup truck pictured above. Go figure! Entertainment was pretty astounding seeing that it also came from the back of another pick up truck (pictured above). He rated up there with Billy Joel! Of course the source of all our laughs come from the three stooges - Cory, Tyler and Alan. Don't ask what they were doing.... To them this was free meal night on Moms and Dads so of course they picked a quite expensive joint but to our surprise it ended having some of the best food around and the atmosphere was the best with great friends. The place? Jacques-Imo's.

April 14, 2009

Corvette kids

While visiting the Corvette museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky my daughter and husband enjoyed a spin in their favorite car. I'm a little worried that my daughter has distinct opinions on just what vehicle she 'needs' to drive. She's a little motor head! My husband used to own one of these old Corvettes but then came marriage and a house and kids and and and.... Maybe someday another opportunity will come his way.

April 13, 2009

On the road again....

Spent Easter weekend on the road. As we hastily ventured from Pennsylvania to Kentucky at a constant speed of 72 m.p.h. there's only so much you can take in. Add some heavy rain and the chances become even slimmer to capture the real beauty on road side America. Below are a few windshield snapshots going through the beautiful countryside of Kentucky that I found quite amazing. Of course with any roadtrip my family takes on it involves baseball games. I had the opportunity to see my son and spend a holiday with him and his friends. I'll take the blessings any way I can.
This is not Europe where castles abound but it's Versailles, Kentucky. From what I've researched on this it is surrounded with some mystery but click HERE to see the present day usage. It sounds like if you're quite wealty you can enjoy a castle adventure.

The redbud trees were in abundance along the roadside in Kentucky and West Virginia. I wonder though why are they called redbuds when they are plainly purple....

Dinosaur World. It seems the dinosaurs walked through Kentucky, Florida and Texas. They advertise that the dinosaurs were life size. Could someone at these parks be creating Jurassic Park?
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It seems I need to go back to Kentucky for a leisurely drive to enjoy more than bleachers and blurry cars speeding by......

April 7, 2009

New Beginnings

Earth laughs in flowers. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

If anyone knows me they know that I'm up for a good belly laugh over just about anything. I love this line of --Earth laughs in flowers. It's been a long drawn out winter and we all have been anxiously awaiting Spring and all it holds especially new beginnings. Look around and see all the laughs (flowers) God has provided us to lift our spirits and realize it's the time of new beginnings for all of us. To enjoy how others around the world see their lives check out http://showyourworld.blogspot.com/

April 5, 2009

Spring has sprung?

The colors of Spring are peeking out everywhere.

April 4, 2009

Fishy Fishy who has the Fishy?

Today is South Central Pennsylvania it is like a holiday if you're a fisherman. It's the first day of Trout Season. The streams and lakes were surrounded this morning in hopes of a good fish fry for dinner. It was a blustery day but at least the sun was shining. It appears that everyone was enjoying themselves from the very young to the very old. Some arrived with just a fishing rod and bait and others were loaded down with some pretty fancy high tech gear and outfits. I wonder who was the most successful?

April 3, 2009

5:00 Somewhere...

We had a pleasant dinner with some great entertainment this evening. We got to hear a band from the local middle school followed by another band made up of teachers at the school. They both were enjoyable. I'm always in awe of the kids giving it all they got. They played new songs and some from several decades ago. The game Rock Band has brought back some of those oldies but goodies to a new generation. They got to play at a downtown restrauant and pub so this was no school concert. Quite impressive. If you know a youngster involved in an activity give them some encouragement. It will surely make their day and who knows you could be conversing with a great artist of tomorrow!

April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Cody!

Yesterday was my nephew's 9th birthday. Nine!!! Oh how the years roll by.... This is my favorite picture of Cody because I got him to smile a genuine smile instead of one of those forced ones! He is active in many endeavors like a fabulous soccer player and a stunning baseball player and who can forget a great take down wrestler. On the side he also participates in Boy Scouts and can read all those big chapter books without any help! Whew -- that all makes me tired. I wish him the best and I enjoy watching him grow up into a fine gentleman. Happy Birthday and of course..... Cha Cha Cha!!!!