September 22, 2010

My 'Reasons' for never being home...

I'm ready for it!  Get it to me!

One, Two Three !    Spells O-U-T!
Step away from my ball...!

My Angel!

September 6, 2010

Love them or hate them The Yankees are Big.

Click on the picture for a better view...
After climbing (literally) all the way to the top of Yankee stadium it was a good day. At first we thought we weren't in NYC any longer but when the rain came and kept coming in sheets we were glad because we were covered. The Yankees were playing the Seattle Mariners this day and won 10-0. After a delay the game finished. I kept predicting we would die from heat exhaustion or get soaked with the skies looking gray. I didn't think we'd have both!

September 4, 2010

Vietnam Women's Memorial Statue

During our countries time of war everyone is affected.
From men to women.
From one ethnic backgroud to another.
From young to old.
From rich to poor.