November 29, 2008


This is One million dollars. When I was in Vegas this was in a glass vault for all to see and stop and think to oneself --Just what would I do if I was handed this.... What would you do? I'm sure like me your options change with the day and with whatever else is currently going on in your life. Me? I'd attempt to see the world right after I was totally out of debt. I'd head to Vienna, Austria first to see if I could start crossing things off my bucket list. Isn't it everyones dream to 'play the piano on a stage in Vienna'?? No? Oh well that's on 'my' bucket list and you need to make your own. Right after playing on stage I'd visit the city and check out some real architecture highlights. I'd then head upstream on the Danube then return and head down stream to Budapest. After I get off the river I'd head over to Saltzburg. --Yeah I like to dream do you?

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