November 30, 2009

Silo questing

The barn and silo I knew while growing up.... It's sad to see this ole barn and silo slowly melting away. As I was growing up it was well kept and my brother even earned a living keeping it painted. Alfred and Nancy Watson lived here and farmed the surrounding land. We had many adventures through the years on the farm. What fond memories. Calves being born, making butter from cream, milking cows, shoveling poop, eating from the garden, exploring fascinating antiques, the tractor burning. We were 'organic' way before it was the politically correct thing to be. "Oh, the good ole days."The typical well maintained barn and silos in the area today are usually owned by the Amish or Mennonite communities. I wonder sometimes if they know a secret that the rest of us have forgotten slow down and enjoy the moments and the land.
I'm still on my silo quest. I've seen many interesting silos but either didn't have my camera or I was not in a prime pull over spot along the road. I've seen old wooden silos, short and tall silos, blue silos, concrete silos, metal silos, and on and on. Maybe I'll get lucky and eventually get some shots inside a silo. There's an adventure waiting to happen!

November 22, 2009

November 19, 2009

A moment in time...

I pass this mural each day along my travels. It just makes me smile.

November 18, 2009

Barn Pride

It's great to see an old barn kept in such great shape. Somebody obviously cares for this old building. Do we live in a great little part of the world?!!! Yep!

November 16, 2009

SILO in the country

One Singular Sensation

-click on pic to enlarge
Here in South Central Pennsylvania you cannot help but see a silo when you're out and about. For some time I have driven my daughter nuts while driving around the countryside. We have to stop along the side of the road for a quick snap because I've seen a silo like I haven't seen before. She says 'WHY', I say 'because they are part of my landscape'. I've chosen a few to show today but now what do I do with all the other pics? I will ponder that.... If you see an unusual silo that's a must see let me know and until then I'll keep collecting pictures of those things we all see everyday and take for granite. The bottom left silo is a favorite and I actually played with it and have it over processed but I like the effect.
Check out scenes from around the world by going to

Country livin

One of my favorite shots.

November 15, 2009


Bringing in the Sheaves...........
-hooked on farms week

November 14, 2009

November 12, 2009

November 11, 2009

Thanks Vetrans!!

A 15 year old civil war drummer. Thanks
Revolutionary fighters. Thanks.

Present Day heroes. Thanks
Thanks to all the American soldiers who have sacraficed their time and lives for our country. Say a prayer for vetrans and their families along with a prayer that our contry can continue to thrive thanks to them.

November 9, 2009

Rails to Trails, Cumberland Valley

Along the trail............. I love the mountains..I love the rolling hills...
Walk, Run, Bike, Hoseback, Sit.

Lots of scenery.
Cumberland Valley Rails to Trails at the Newville Head.
I finally was able to take some time this past Friday and again on Sunday to visit the trail. I did a little walking, my version of jogging, and some biking. I love being outdoors and seeing the beautiful Cumberland Valley squeezed between some great mountains. The trail was pretty busy after finally getting to experience some grat Fall weather. Get out there!

November 8, 2009


Found a challenge. - Restore this photo. I could probably spend more time on this and have already spent considerable time. It was bent, folded, and tucked away for years. Most of the people on here are my Aunts and Uncles from their younger years.

Mid, Judy, Kenny, Edgar, Ginny, Elva, Charles, Maryanne, and Vivian

I do not know where or when or why this was taken but it does appear that a good time was had by all!!!

November 7, 2009

Wooly Wooly

I keep hearing 'bad winter' coming..... It appears the wooly worm has a different take on the situation. I hope he's correct!
Wooly worm Winter detection
Step 1
Look for wooly worms under rocks and inside hollow logs. (or making an escape across a pathway)
Step 2
Examine the wooly worm, pay attention to its bands of colors. The wooly worm will curl into a ball when touched or threatened. When they crawl, they can crawl very quickly!
Step 3
Wooly worm forecasters say that the size of the brown band of color will tell you what kind of winter is coming. Legend says that the thinner the brownish red bands, the harsher the winter will be. If the wooly worm is mostly brownish red in the middle, winter will be mild.
Step 4
Wooly worm enthusiasts claim an 85 percent success rate over the last few decades. Scientists tend to disagree and say wooly worm weather prediction is as unscientific as using groundhogs to predict winter weather. The groundhogs likely side with the wooly worms.

November 4, 2009

Toland Tech

Toland Tech. Like every parent I want to keep my baby girl close to home as she grows older. Her Grandparents have found the perfect location for her higher education. It sits nestled in a small village of homes that belonged to a local quarry at one time in the middle of the mountains. It's just a few miles (as the crow flies -over the mountain) from our home. I believe it has limited courses but I'm happy to report they may have a sports team for her at the nearby lake.
Many elite colleges offer a crew team especially to girls. Well we found the lake we found the boat and we even found a yellow one to boot!! Now all we need is to purchase some really rad oars and she's ready.

November 3, 2009

Sights along my way

The French market, New Orleans, LA
Every time I've had the opportunity to go to the French market in New Olreans everyone is starting to pack up and start closing their wares. I still was able to find the unusual and bizarre. This is to be the oldest City market in the U.S. operating since 1791 in the same location. It has withstood hurricanes, floods, pirates, and modern day humans along the way. It reminds me of the market in Charleston, SC. Everyone is ready to do some bargaining. French Market.

These quaint homes catch your eye first with their color and then with their price tags. They sit in prime real estate location in the French quarter in New Orleans and for a cool $850,000 one of them could be yours.
The Pontalba buildings or apartments, NOLA.
The rumor is these are the first apratment buildings in the U.S. built by female entrepreneur, Baroness Pontalba in 1845 their walls could tell many interesting stories of the artists that occupy this area of the city. Another idential building graces the opposing street on the other side of Jackson square.

November 1, 2009

Homecoming 2009

Ready for dinner and a night of dancing.
A majority of the Freshman class.
What a whirlwind of a weekend. After a week long celebration at school from 3 on 3 basketball, powderpuff football game, Dodge ball tournament, crazy dress up, nerd or jock dress up , and Spirit Day it ends in a magical way. These beautiful ladies took all day to make sure the nails and hair and dress and shoes were just right. We were off to dinner and a pre-party and then the Homecoming celebration. After all of the exhaustion an all night sleep over was had with the mandatory smoothies and Whales on the kitchen floor in a circle. The next morning also holds a tradition of stuffed french toast. It's time now for the big let down and a big sleep! I'm sure all the dreams of 'that' cute guy or the gossip has just begun till the next celebration. aaaaaah High School..............