February 28, 2016

On the way to Bailey Island, Maine

The Luna C was peacefully floating.

The cribstone bridge crossing from Orrs Island to Bailey Island.
This bridge makes the National Register of Historical Places.
It was built specifically to handle the changing tides and allow the water to 
flow through the granite criss crossed piece.  
It's the only bridge in the world built in this fashion.

I almost missed this beautiful scene as we were passing through.  
We almost missed Bailey Island altogether!
A last minute decision was made to forgo Bath, Maine and drive out one of Maine's
many peninsulas.  What a gift it was to experience such a peaceful and lovely
spot in this great world!

February 25, 2016

Bowdoin College Chapel ~ Brunswick, Maine

A firm standing on the college campus of Bowdoin.
Driving by you couldn't miss its granduer.

Enter for a moment with God.

February 24, 2016

Bradbury Mountain State Park, Maine

Wild animals on the mountain top of the hiking trail!
Australian Labradoodles ready for a hug!

Evidence of more wild animals existed!
Just who has been taking a bite out of this tree?

The climb up had natural steps built into the side of the mountain.

It's pretty hard to make it out but you could see the Atlantic Ocean at the furthest point.
It was a great morning hike and was as peaceful as it gets.

Going down the rocks provided some level walking but unfortunately the whole
trail wasn't this easy.  

February 23, 2016

Booth Bay Color Show, Booth Bay Harbor, Maine

We only had about an hour in Booth Bay before total darkness surrounded us.
The colors of nature constantly sketched a new mural every few moments.
The colors along the shore also provided ample color to be noticed!

Need tugged into a bite?

Just as we were trekking to our vehicle before darkness took over the sky
provided one more spectacular dose of awwww!
You actually felt like the color was hugging you!

The clouds only added to the color show.

The Golden Hour.  
God was touching everything with just a hint of gold.

This view made  you feel that all is okay in the world today.

What's going on in the world today?

February 21, 2016

Booth Bay, Maine

As the sun was setting fast in early October we were rushing down the coast of Maine
to reach Booth Bay.  I knew it would be worth the drive out to the peninsula, and 
I wasn't disappointed.  The only regret is we didn't get the opportunity to shop or eat
because everything was closing up and we had our puppies with us.
It's just a reason to go back!

The lobster nets were sitting ready for another days work.

Can you feel the relaxation?

Nothing short of spectacular!

February 20, 2016

Owls Head Lighthouse, Owls Head, Maine

You can see the lighthouse peeking through the trees!

Looking across Penobscot Bay from Owls Head Light House

Shine on!

Another peaceful reflective place to visit.

Can you spot all of the lobster buoys?


February 19, 2016

Rockland Lighthouse, Rockland, ME

The lighthouse was a long way off.
4,300 feet!
If you can remember from your school days 5,280 feet is a mile.
Soo, do I make the trek almost a mile out across the water on some not so smooth rocks?
You bet!

Almost there~!
It was a perfect day to hike out to the lighthouse.
Not many people were around and you got that peaceful easy feeling!

I made it!
The benches sitting at the base is a perfect place to escape time.
You could spend hours contemplating!
...but as always it was time to head back to find the next Maine adventure.

A view from the other side of the lighthouse.
It's hard to get a great shot of the lighthouse unless you get out onto the water or
drive around to the other side of the harbor.
It's still worth every step!

The long way back.
No shortcuts exist!
All my friends were waiting for me to come back to shore.
Too many wide crevices existed for these paws and it was too cold
to go for a dip in the harbor to get them out!

Check out http://www.rocklandharborlights.org for more history on the lighthouse and 
some really great pictures in all the seasons.

February 18, 2016

Andre the Seal ~ Rockport, Maine

Andre has been gone for sometime now but obviously left his legacy in the 
town of Rockport, Maine.  Unfortunately we didn't get the opportunity
to see any of Andre's friends but enjoyed the park he once called home.

February 17, 2016

Dogs and Wine come together

On a recent trip to Canada we came across a fellow selling used wine barrels.
We stopped and inquired and $150.00 later we were on our way with our new/old
wine barrel.  DIY plans will eventually be revealed.
Ideas aplenty have crossed our minds, but then we came across this dog house.
It is a little more special than our barrel being that it's a 'French' barrel.