February 26, 2009

Sunny sails on Ponchatrain

Headed to the lakeshore of Ponchatrain in New Orleans. Taking a stroll or jog or a nap along here realeases all those worries away. This is the scene my son enjoys from his apartment at college. Not fair! I hope to be catching a sunset or one of those naps this weekend along these shores after a good ole baseball game or two or three or four....

February 25, 2009

On the Swamp

This is the swamps off the Pearl River in St. Tammany Parish, Lousiana. You've heard about lions tigers and bears - oh my. But have you heard about alligators spiders and snakes -- no way! Which threesome would you pick to encounter if you were forced? It does require some thought. Our swamp tour at Honey Island was memorable. Back in the swamp away from the river was another world with the cypress trees and lurking creatures. If you're ever in South Eastern Louisiana this comes highly recommended. You can see wild pigs or boars to alligator, snakes, gigantic spiders, birds of every kinds, raccoons, and on and on. If you remember a wild lady named Katrina she decided to make a hurricane of a swipe right up this river and things haven't been the same since her visit.

February 23, 2009

Fat Tuesday at That's my world!

Can you guess whom is behind each mask? Take a careful peek and you may discover someone you may know. I hope you all fatten up today and are ready for Lent. Happy Fat Tuesday! Check out some other glimpses from around the world today by going to http://showyourworld.blogspot.com/

All through the streets of New Orleans you can find many colorful and unique fluer di lis' on display. My daughter found each one I believe!

February 22, 2009


The celebrations are in full swing. Mardi Gras 2009! Across the globe the parties and parades will be festively on the rise over the next few days. Fat Tuesday will be here followed by the season of Lent. Wear your beads, eat your king cake, catch some throws, track down a parade or make your own parade. Good will to All!!

February 21, 2009

Happy Birthday my love!

Happy Birthday to my husband! Of course like most husbands he despises having his picture taken so I spared him and instead came across this pic from last year. This photo says who he is. He's a great Dad and both of my kids can always depend on him being there on game day and sometimes even 2 hours before a game begins!! This was taken in New Orleans when we were able to travel down and see our son play. Since we aren't able to be at all his college games we take advantage of every second we can when we are there arriving for all warm ups, games, and clean up time. So Happy Birthday my love and keep being who you are. We all love you!

February 18, 2009

Go Cory!

Good luck to my son and his team U. of New Orleans or UNO! Friday marks the beginning of a long season. Cory has earned the starting weekend spot. I'm so proud of him. He's worked hard and has had baseball as his passion for 16 years now. His main goal was always to be able to play ball at a Division I school. When he sets his mind to something he makes it happen. He just hasn't set his mind to a clean room yet but there's still hope! Win lose or draw I only wish him the best and to get out there and live for the moment. So please say a little prayer for opening day jitters! God has brought him this far and will take him to the next step whatever it may be. God Bless you Cory and all the best!

February 16, 2009

Willy's world

For a reason I can't figure out yet my daughter is on a quest to find a Willy's. Willy's are old Jeeps that were built and sold from 1946-1964. They made trucks, jeepsters, panel wagons, and station wagons. Most are more familiar with just the jeepsters that were used in World War II. We caught a rare glimpse of a truck this past summer with my nephew displaying it above. Yellow just happens to be my daughter's favorite color in a jeep too. Many of the Jeep Willy's diplayed here today were from Camp Jeep an event we've attended many Summers and the first two are from an event at the Carlisle Army War College museum. She has a special eye that can spot one of these like no other. Do you have an odd passion you just can explain how it was cultivated? To see how other people's worlds are so different and yet so the same as yours and mine click HERE to follow some other interesting blogs.

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Yes I'm a hopeless romantic. Hope you all got to spend the day with the one you love.
 If you haven't found that 'one' yet I hope cupid finds you.

February 12, 2009

Sea World one last time...

No more Sea World posts...... Did I hear someone say yeah? I gotta end it with my daughter and her two best friends -- Pen and Guin. Aren't they all lovely posers. Of course since we've had the Winter woes it was great to put those flip flops on and let those feet get out in the air! As always my daughter is on the look out for a stump (or rock) to take a pose. Who could ask for a better back ground. See more stump or rock sitting by clicking HERE.

February 11, 2009

The water tower at Kings Gap

I trekked back up the moutain to Kings Gap to check out the water tower that I am so curious about. With all the leaves off the trees it was much easier to acquire a better snapshot of the full tower. The wooden storage tank atop the brick tower holds 10,000 gallons of water. From my understanding water is pumped to the tank from a nearby well and then gravity goes to work after that providing water to all the buildings on the property. In the Summer this tank grows mossy from the moisture and even seems to drip endlessly. I've wondered if the tower remains in use over the winter. If you check out the huge icicle in one of my shots you can tell there's still a water source. It's now taped off so again my curiosity grows wondering if some kind of construction or repairing will soon start on the structure. Would you be aprehensive going through the green door with all that water above your head? Maybe one of these days I'll have the opportunity to have a peak inside but will my curosity end there?

February 9, 2009

The Stars of Sea World -- My World Tuesday

A trip to Sea World wouldn't be complete without Shamu. He was in perfect form this day.
We arrived at the Pacific Point Reserve just at feeding time.
The California Sea lions and harbor seals were pretty fiesty. I could've pulled up a seat and enjoyed their actions all afternoon. My trips to San Diego and San Francisco sealed the deal for me in being mesmermized by these slick creatures.
At the dolphin nursery it was play time. I think they were as curious about us humans as we were about them.
Click HERE to check how other's worlds compare to yours.

February 8, 2009


Camillo Villegas is whom we were hoping would win the Buick Open. We snapped this pic at the PGA Merchandise show and were happy that it was more than lifesize! He is the player that's chosen on XBox while playing Tiger Woods 2009. Nick Watney was the winner for the day and it was well deserved. Of course we also like to cheer on the local favorite Jim Furyk. I remember meeting Jim as a 12 year old washing his Dad's truck in the driveway. His Dad was quite the character and was so much more vocal than Jim but he's done a great job helping Jim get to where he is today every step of the way. It shows there's always family support behind every great story.

February 7, 2009

Mardi Gras 2009

Yes Mardi Gras 2009 is underway. Will you be at the masquerade? Do you have your mask? This mask today was being sold in Las Vegas but reminded me of the beautiful masks all over New Orleans. With my son living in the Big Easy I've become educated on a whole new culture. I've discoved King Cake, Krewes like Rex, Zulu and Bacchus and many more and most of all bead throwing, and parade going. Today is the first official Mardi Gras parade in the French Quarters of NOLA followed by 50+ more parades between now and February 24. They still hold a ball for debutantes to be introduced to society. My daughther wants to attend just to see the dresses. The best thing I've learned about Mardi Gras is it's the number one family celebration that covers every far reaching area. So get your mask and find a parade and wait for the 'throws'!

February 6, 2009

Sea World adventures

My daughter was the princess of the week deciding which parks to go to in Orlando, FL. Her top pic was Sea World. We had a really great time seeing all of the different animals and even had 2 day passes. I personally liked the stingrays. On a cruise several years ago I had the opportunity to swim with stingrays in the Grand Cayman. Never would I have guessed that it would be something I loved. We were out in the middle of the ocean with no land in site on a sandbar and all the stingrays swam in. Snorkeling with them is still a fond memory. They of course wanted us to feed them. The sea turtles were great at Sea World also. The alligators and crocodiles.....well lets just say I respect them and Steve Irwin you were one brave soul!

February 4, 2009

Odd Animal Award

From the deep and beyond. Can anyone take a guess? It's a Leafy Sea Dragon at Sea World. We thought it may be a kind of shrimp or possibly sea horse but we were wrong. It can camouflage itself with it's seaweed like nodes. Intriguing.

February 3, 2009

Fat Boys and Comfort

I'm bringing this picture today to offer your mind a little warmth from the long winter. This little palm has a long way to grow but from my eyes it offered the right amount of comfort and warmth to my day.
Food always brings comfort and my family and I highly recommend Fat Boys in Kissimmee, Florida. Above is a small wall of past visitors to the restrauant and I'm sure if you offer your mug it'll be there for the next generation. I regret not having a picture from the outside because of user error (me) and losing a days worth of pics which I won't go into here. Click HERE for a more in depth review of FatBoys that offers the finest southern sweet tea along with the best BBQ pork, beef, chicken, turkey, and ribs. Don't forget to taste the beans! I'll guaratee if you're a BBQ connoisseur you'll return here again and again just like us. For the past 27 years this is our first stop for lunch or dinner upon entering central Florida. I hope this suggestion isn't wasted!

February 2, 2009

PGA Merchandise Show--That's my world Tuesday.

2009 PGA Merchandise Show:
Anything remotely connected to the game of golf could be found at the annual PGA merchandise show. The Loud Mouth Golf venue was one of my favorite. I'm eyeing up the pair of pants on the far right for Father's Day this year.
Did someone say it was going to rain? If you ever used a golf umbrella you know why they are the ultimate devise to keep you dry.
Golf club covers by the dozens and dozens and dozens...... You name the character, team, color, state, occassion and they'll help you find the right cover.
Stylish hats. Ladies keep that delicate skin covered on those sunny days on the course and while you're at it look good too!
Indoor driving range. Would anyone like to volunteer to go out there and gather all those golf balls up?
Everyone is infatuated with their pets lately. Have you considered having your very own golf bag cover made to resemble your cherished fuzzy pet?
Our favorite golf cart and to top it off it was the best color - Yellow!!! This one can be driven on the road and has optional full or half doors. Don't you love imagination at work.

My husband is a golf pro at a local course and when he attends this show we attempt to tag along. It's held at the Orlando Convention Center on International Dr. in Orlando, Florida. The building is huge. We walked all day but still didn't see everything. We were able to enjoy the warm Florida sunshine and from what we were told we were pretty lucky because it's been cold there lately. Spring is only six weeks away according to Punkatawny Phil the groundhog here in Pennsylvania. That's right it's Grounhog day~~! Check it out by clicking on HERE! Also check out That's my world Tuesday by clicking HERE to see how others fit into their own world.

Observable Genetic Traits -- First Place!

Congratulations to my daughter for her hard work on the local science fair. She had to work hard to finish the assignment a whole week early in order to be able to miss school for our trip to Florida. She finished with a little pushing and fussing and to my delight won 1st place within her division. She wasn't the Grand Champion but what the heck she did well. I didn't think she put in as much effort as she should have and of course I got the 'I told you so' quite a few times. She chose the subject of Observable Genetic Traits. She scoured her classmates to see who had unattached earlobes, dimples, forelocks, curved thumbs, and mid-digit hair between males and females then recorded and graphed it. So what is she doing in this picture? Maybe she's observing genetic traits in penguins. Her favorite penguins are the chin straps and the macaronis. Did she get an education by visiting Florida and missing school? I'd have to say yes. She learned tons of things at Sea World and Magic Kingdom and the top thing she learned was how to sucessfully hunt down a good bargain on Converse sneakers!!