April 28, 2015

Rock Bridge Vineyard, Raphine, VA

Rock Bridge Vineyards
What do you do when traveling and have some free time on your hands?
Look for a quaint winery or rockin brewery!
On a recent trip we came across this farm winery in early Spring.
It was a cool day outside but after a long cold Winter any semi-nice day 
you can find is worth being outdoors.  
Three favorite things wrap up this picture...
-adirondack chairs

April 26, 2015

Southern Virginia University

While randomly driving through the beautiful Virginia country side we came across 
Southern Virginia University.
This grand building once was a hotel in Buena Vista, Virginia, but is now the main
building of the University.  
Those porches!!!  
Imagine a hot Summer night sitting out there in a rocking chair looking out over 
the town located along the rolling mountains.

April 25, 2015

Kutztown Bottling Works in Virginia!

Traveling through Virginia we stopped in to Layne's County Store near 
Natural Bridge.  It was filled with ole time fresh food and fixings
We also found soda from Kutztown, Pennsylvania.  
Made at the Kutztown Bottling Works!
If you haven't tried it seek it out.  It's good ole root beer, sarsaparilla, cream soda and birch beer.
Our daughter hangs out at Kutztown University and this has been 
our favorite drink while having lunch in Kutztown.

Meanwhile from the rest of the world-

April 22, 2015

Natural Bridge - Natural Wonders

Spring was just starting to burst along the creek.

Small and Bright
Ready to greet you!

Delicate beginnings from underneath the layer of warmth 

Or does a goose bark instead of quack?

April 21, 2015

Natural Bridge, Virginia

After years of traveling North and South along Interstate 81 in Virginia, we finally
took the time to investigate Natural Bridge.
What a great hike!

Unbelievably Route 11 runs across the bridge.  
It must be a very sturdy bridge!

Size can be deceiving.
From underneath the bridge it doesn't look wide enough to support traffic.

April 18, 2015

Striper the Goat at Moon Dance Winery

Meet Striper
I had the joy of bottle feeding Stiper recently at Moon Dancer Winery.
He was rescued by our winer pourer recently and was a friendly little guy.
Everyone who arrived at the winery was anxious to say hello!

April 3, 2015

Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, PA

 Longwood Gardens may be full of beautiful flowers and plants
but around every corner you can find other extraordinary things!
This guy was just hanging out on the wall.