January 30, 2015

Winter wishing for Summer - Delaware Beaches

By the bay looking at the Indian River Bridge in Delaware.
Peaceful Summer evening....

Children and Adults alike flag down the Sno-ball man to cool off on a hot day at the beach!

January 23, 2015

Adams County Treasures in Pennsylvania

I'm not a geologist, but I still find this little hidden treasure remarkable!

Plain old Pennsylvania limestone with a little hidden treasure inside.

On a photo shoot with a friend we tried to capture her three horses together without 
one of them eating grass.  Horses are hard to get to cooperate!  
Besides that they still make a great picture!
--There's always one that stands alone.
While this horse was posing quite nicely for the camera the other two
decided to photo bomb!

January 19, 2015

Willys Overland Side panel truck

A Willy's in waiting.
Someday this will find its way back to the road.  Until then the dirt will have
to hold it together.

Lots of elbow grease will be needed to make this Willy run again.

Jeepin' it up!

January 18, 2015

Pennsylvania Country side in Newville, PA

It's cold and cloudy and Winter is no where near over...
-Missing the idyllic Fall season down country roads.

January 8, 2015

Elvis Presley ~ 80 years old today January 8, 2015

T C B !!

One of the biggest music icons.
What an eccentric life he lead.  From everything I've learned though, he
really was a giving person.

-I did it my way!

We travelled 14 hours straight to get to Memphis for a baseball game.
Because we sacrificed our time on the road it gave us the opportunity to visit Graceland.
By today's standards Elvis' home wouldn't measure up for a star of his magnitude, but 50+ 
years ago this was the pad everyone wanted to be at!

-In the Ghetto

A piano always grabs my attention but these rooms were filled with so much more.
I can see some of these styles sneaking back to today's culture.

-Suspicious Minds

Just a few awards to gaze at.
Do you ever wonder what award receivers do with their awards?
Build a space specifically for them?

-Only Fools Rush In

Elvis' pink cadillac out does any Mary Kay pink cadillac!
Does anyone know who Mary Kay is any longer?

-A Little Less Conversation

The Lisa Marie plane is now on the auction block.
Are you interested in putting in a bid?

-Blue Suede Shoes

Viva Las Vegas
The Eagle has landed!

-Amazing Grace

So what is your favorite Elvis song?

January 7, 2015

The MET** Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Sit down awhile and gaze into the art.

Just a few pieces of art found along the walls of the MET.

Feeling blue!

My favorite!


January 6, 2015

The MET ** Metropolitan Museum of Art ~~ The Temple of Dendur

An original...
Shortly after studying The Exodus Bible Study it was fascinating to visit and see this 
temple.  It was built approximately in 15 BC in Nubia where it stood until 1963. 
 It was reassembled in The MET. 


The walls were filled with hieroglyphics.

I wonder what tale is being told...

The detail and artwork is so detailed.

What a contrast!
This is the view into Central Park and along 5th Avenue in New York City with the Temple
just behind me.  

January 3, 2015

New York Metropolitan Museum of Art * The MET

Found this protector on the way to The Met.

A Grand Entrance...

No expense spared for the opening

To some just the steps bring them close to the world of art.