August 24, 2015

Downtown Norfolk, VA

...and they say mermaids do not exist

A great evening float down the river.
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August 19, 2015

Navy Seal vehicles

There were so many things we got to experience and touch and see that I'm unable
to take or post pictures of but I can say our Navy is amazing!
Everyone in our group were like kids on a field trip.
We climbed through everything and experienced it up close!

This amphibious machine will go stealthaly (is that really a work?) through almost anything!

August 9, 2015

Amphibious Assault Craft Unit 4

Landing Craft Air Cushion
With the work 'cushion' in this piece of equipments name you'd think it was soft and fluffy.
Think again!
Built for action upon the waves to transport the Navy's needs!

Touring this LCAC was interesting in every aspect!

Respect once again goes out to our military!

The on and off gate is lowered.

No plush leather heated seats for our Navy's finest!

It may all look nice and smooth but there's a place for everything to maintain safety
and to get the job done!
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August 8, 2015

Navy Fleet Angels

If walls could talk...
If these helicopters could talk and tell of their adventures...

These heloes are in the garage for lots of TLC after being put to the brink.

Everything is done or redone to the smallest detail.
The pilots of these machines deserves a much needed kudos!

August 5, 2015

USS George H W Bush CVN 77 Flight Deck

The flight deck!
It was empty but it was HUGE!  Four and a half acres ready for a little jet propulsion activity...
Many of the Navy personnel were hard at work painting, cleaning, protecting the ship.
Prior to any take offs a sweep of the deck is done by a line of sailors looking 
for any small object that could be quite the hazard on jet takeoffs.
Imagine scanning four and a half acres over and over again!

Looking back at the Island where the main operations take place.
I don't envy the Admiral of a ship like this.  
They have so much at stake at any given minute.
Thanks to all the Navy and any Military for all of their service!

The island.

August 4, 2015

USS George H.W. Bush CVN-77

Arriving at the pier and seeing the size of USS George H.W. Bush was elating.
I've been on a decommissioned carrier, but always wanted to experience the live
action on a current carrier.  A wish come true I got to see, touch, smell, and even taste
on this mega ship.  Of course it would've been more awesome to experience the ship
when at sea or even with it full of aviation up on deck, but I'll take what I can get!
Age has been creeping up on me because I can recall when this ship was just a dream
but then became a reality and was commissioned in 2009.

The ship was getting lots of TLC while in at the dock, so everyone was busy.
Our tour was open to most every nook and cranny, and our guide didn't disappoint!
We got to see engines, computers, the flight deck, sleeping quarters, eat lunch in the
galley, risk going up and down the steps (ladders), laundry area, elevators for jets,
and so much more.  
Was I excited?  You bet!

The meeting place for the ship is quite often "at George".
A young George H.W. Bush stands on the main deck to over see all the operations.

August 3, 2015

Blue Moon kind of night!

It always takes me a thought (or two, three..) to get the correct settings to capture the moon.
I was waiting for it to rise over the mountains here in Pennsylvania.
I was able to capture Mr Blue Moon just as he was bright orange!

As Mr Blue Moon travelled into the night sky he lost his sunny glow, 
but was still a sight to see!

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