April 24, 2017

Charleston Slave Market

The iconic slave market in Charleston is one of the places to find 
that special sweetgrass basket.

It's endearing that this craft is still being passed down from generation to generation.

The ironwork isn't just found anywhere....


In the early morning all is quiet before the onslaught of visitors.

If you can't find what you're looking for at the market it's now worth having!

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April 17, 2017

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist; Charleston SC

After ravages of fire and war and money, a steeple was finally build to complete
this beautiful Church.  From a distance you see the sandstone bricks but up close 
you can see the additional efforts put into each and every brick!
(See below!)

The cross invites you in.
Can you see the bricks a little closer now?

Can  you imagine putting these stars on each brick by hand!?
Each and every brick is covered with these stars.

Look agains from a distance to see if you can now spot the stars?
I'm going to imagine  the stars are a representation of Abrahams descendants.
More than the stars in the sky!

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April 14, 2017

Good Friday

John 3:16-17
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son,
 that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.
 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, 
but in order that the world might be saved through him.

April 11, 2017

Boston walks

A place to call their own!

Massive and stately!

Are all these boats heading out to collect their daily dose of tea in the harbor?

I caught a glimpse of this masterpiece.
Ride a grasshopper, a butterfly, an owl, a sea lion

Faneuil Hall was starting to bustle with activity.

The high temperature of this day topped out at 105 degrees.
These boys have the right idea to stick close to cool water!

Basking in the shade while the splashes of water keep you cool...

The shadows sway and seem to say, 
“Tonight we pray for water,
Cool water.”
And ‘way up there He’ll hear our pray’r 
And show us where there’s water, 
Cool, clear water.
                                              (Bob Nolan)

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April 8, 2017

Cast thy bread upon the waters...

Cast thy bread upon the waters
For thou shalt find it
after many days...

Ecclesiastes 11:1

Always be ready to do a good turn even if you don't expect a reward for it. 
For, some day, you will surely find your reward waiting for you

April 7, 2017

Quincy Market - Boston, MA - Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Does Boston have any history?
Can you spot George Washington?  How about Sam Adams?   
Susan B. Anthony?  Ted Kennedy?
Lunch and a speaker or shopping for the week, it all has happened here and so much more!

Get there early before you can hardly walk this path and stand in line for a bite.

You gotta have some chowda and a lobsta roll when in town!

Double decked seating after you find what suits your taste.

Although I didn't get to relish in a Durgin-Park meal on this Boston outing, I still have to give
it a plug.  As they'll tell you this place was established before you were born!
Grab some grub and be ready to tell them 'what the hell you want', because you'll be asked 
just what that is!

April 6, 2017

Old State House, Boston, MA

One of my favorite shots in Boston...
Although this is the back side of the Old State House, I still found it 
intriguing With the newer buildings in the background.  
It's like a step in time from the Old State House to the next taller building to the 
higher sky scraper in the far background.
~~Built in 1713 this building has seen its share of history

April 3, 2017

Mt. Washington, NH Whether or not there's Weather!

In September the ice is already starting to form.  It will soon be a solid fixture for several months. 
 On this spot some of the highest wind speeds have been recorded.  231 MPH!  
It'll blow ye over!

This original building is chained to the ground and I'm told you can still feel it trying
to come up for a whirl.  
This would've been quite the trip for Dorothy and Toto!

Look close for the ice build up.
This is called rime ice.  It's forms from the fog and wind. (and it wasn't even Winter yet!)

Lots of outdoor equipment is used to measure the weather on top of Mt. Washington.
You'd have to be a scientist to understand it!!

The  windows offer  a 360 degree view!
Imagine being inside for a wind gust over 200 mph!

High above those clouds on the horizon, the weather monitors keep an eye on everything.

Everything is buckled down in two or three ways.

I'd love to experience this in the middle of January, but I'm not sure how my nerves could take it!

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