November 21, 2008

Vegas Art

The artwork in Las Vegas is spell-binding. You walk up and down the strip outside and your eyes can hardly take it all in at one time. You get one look in the day time and then the sun goes down and it's a whole other look. After your eyes are tired of looking up and down and all around step in just about any building and your eyes are darting once again. You never know if you should check out the walls or the ceilings or the floor and that's just with a small step in the door. I could write for some time about all the things and places I found amazing but my favorites included The Belagio, The Venitian, and Ceasars. A week could be spent in just these three places between shopping, shows, gambling, and gawking! I've included some artwork I found that I especially liked. I thought these were even more intriguing because the artist to some of these is Tracy Stum whose Father attends my church. (Check out her website by clicking on her name.) Her artwork is astounding. I'm not certain as to what pieces she painted or didn't paint in the first pic today but check out the pics below...
I know for certain she was involved in painting the ceiling just inside Ceasars. The details in this pic is awesome. This is the entrance to the mall portion of Ceasars. Absoutely everywhere you turn the artwork is captivating. The winding esclator is even it's own work of art. The sculptures are yet another marvel and all of this is even before you see a store! --that was a whole endeavor!

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  1. Hi Holz,
    Thanks for posting this about my work - glad you liked it! I actually designed and painted (with a little help from my friends!) all of those ceiling images you included from the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace. I also have work at the Venetian and several other casinos in Vegas and Atlantic City. Thanks for the link - I appreciate it. My next mural project is for a church in Houston where I will be recreating a Baroque dome fresco from Rome, Italy. Stay tuned......


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