December 23, 2017

December 21, 2017

Custer State Park

Custer State Park

The buffalo run free at many places throughout the park. 
 We were fortunate to watch them running along side the road.  
Many calves were with their Momma always trying to catch up with the herd.

December 19, 2017

Sylvan Lake ~ Custer State Park, South Dakota

Sylvan Lake

Custer State Park
South Dakota

I had less than an hour to explore the area around Sylvan Lake this Summer.
Was that enough time to soak it all in?
Charming~ Stunning~ Picturesque~ Calming ~ Gorgeous
Just a few describing words for Sylvan Lake.
Spending an entire day here would 'maybe' begin to reveal the magnitude of this little spot.
..and to think I felt that way around every corner in South Dakota! 

November 6, 2017

Dignity ~ Chamberlain, South Dakota

Driving across South Dakota on Route 90 you'll come upon Dignity standing 
tall overlooking the Missouri River.
Located near Chamberlain, SD at a rest stop of all places,
 you'll be treated to one of the best rest stops you'll ever come across!

Dignity was donated by a couple for all of South Dakota to enjoy.
She honors the Lakota and Dakota Indian tribes.
Standing 50 feet tall she can't be missed!

Dignity's view of the Missouri River.
I love the stories and adventures of Lewis and Clark and their discoveries of the West.
They camped near this point.
The rest stop has a small museum to enjoy their adventures.

The hills of South Dakota lay ahead.  The only thing that would've made this scene more
spectacular would be for buffalo roaming up and down the hills.

South Dakota's Rest stops also have an outline of a teepee.
...and a place to relax underneath!

I would've had to work on my claustrophobia issues if I had to 
sleep in a teepee.  

A replica of Lewis and Clark's boat inside the rest stop.

The tail end of Lewis and Clark's boat replica extends outside.

Dignity has that wise look about her.

200 years and counting since the Corps of Discovery permeated the West!
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November 1, 2017

Fall in Vermont

In Pennsylvania we haven't been privy to an Autumn of much color this year.
Missing a trip north this year to see the Fall Foliage, I had to resort to last years
jaunt through Vermont where the colors were so vibrant the mountains  appeared fake!

October 30, 2017

The Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see 
The Basilica of St. Mary
in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The details were endless.  
You could think you noticed everything then realize you probably only seen half of everything!

The first Basilica of America
It definitely takes you back even before entering doors!

I know what it takes to operate a small country Church, but cannot
imagine what it takes to maintain this master piece!

Unfortunately I didn't get to hear the bells ringing or the organ playing.
Close your eyes and imagine the gong!
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October 23, 2017

Pine Grove Furnace Fest

Pine Grove Furnace and State Parks in Newville, PA is a favorite spot to get out in nature.
How lucky was I to come across this beautiful sight while taking a leisurely walk with the dog?!
It was a SOOC! (straight out of the camera) or rather a SOOP! (straight out of the phone!
All these pictures today are straight out of my phone.
There weren't many flowers left this time of year but because of the exceptionally 
warmer weather a few blooms were left for the butterfly and bee to enjoy a little pollen!

The friends of Pine Grove Furnace host a festival every year.  
One of the highlights is the pumpkin carving and pumpkin walk to Fuller Lake.
The pumpkins are put on a make shift barge so to speak while lit then pushed to the 
center of the lake.
The small beach was crammed to capacity while we listened to the legend of the 
Hairy Hand!
The lake was saved from the hairy hand again this year! 
You haven't heard about the legend involving Finley McDougal?
You need to attend next year to see if the lake can be saved for another year!

In the daylight the pumpkins didn't seem as scary as being lit in the dark.
It actually adds to the natural Fall colors surrounding them!

Every season at Fuller Lake provides relaxation and great scenery.
This was mid Summer when the beach had sunbathers and a few swimmers.
Are you a hiker?
The park offers the midway point on the Appalachian Trail that runs from Maine to Georgia.
Are you a fisherman?
You can fish during every season!  Dig a whole in the ice and keep fishing in the Winter
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October 21, 2017

Mississippi River in Minneapolis

Just like advertisements along a roadway, the Mississippi River also provides ample
opportunity for some advertising.  
In downtown Minneapolis you can see the many places that have been staple
for years and years!
--North Star Blankets  (woolen mill)

Pillsbury has to get their mid west grains moving on the river!

Gold medal flour
The flour comes in handy for that great homemade pie!

The mighty Mississippi is not to be contended!
You can walk across the fierce water on the stone arch bridge and get an eyeful
of the grain mills and the locks.
Cross over from Minneapolis to St. Paul!

I'm still amazed to see waterfalls on the Mississippi!
It just goes to show - I have so much more to learn!

October 16, 2017

Mississippi River in Minneapolis, MN

I've been lucky enough to see the Mississippi River in St. Louis, Missouri and New Orelans, Louisiana.  This time I was amazed yet again by the river in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
This time I was able to see one of the locks and falls on the river. engineer marvel!

You can see the river swiftly running between Minneapolis and St. Paul on the left
and the locks on the right.  
River taming isn't for the meek!

Keeping the water where it should be and keeping the
 boats/barges going up or down river is a full time job!

The Stone Arch bridge in the background is a great place to walk across
the Mississippi and see the locks from all sides.  

This isn't the usual picture when you imagine what the Mississippi looks like.
There's always a surprise around every bend in life!
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October 13, 2017

Mall of America; Minnesota

Mall of America
We were headed West from Pennsylvania; and was relatively close to
Minneapolis, so of course we had to check out the shopping.
At one time this would've been a destination I craved, but I'm growing
to enjoy the minimalist approach to life and want experiences instead 
of stuff.  If you were looking for something, it'll definitely be here though.
My thoughts kept coming up with 'overwhelming'.

The Ninja Turtles shop here too!

Columbus even made it this far west!
I was wondering if this globe was made prior to his discoveries or as a result of them....

A knight in shining Lego armor was on the prowl to finish his Christmas shopping!

When a lego transformer interrupts your pathway, you step aside and 
give him the right a way.

I think this is the scene that had me feeling overwhelmed.
Too much going on. 
Too busy.
Too loud.
BUT- there's many that would find this an excellent spot for the whole
family to spend a day or two or three!

October 9, 2017

Mid West Highway Barns

Passing the time when headed west:
Read a little, read a little more, get a drink, yell at the other vehicles on the road, 
steal a nap, look at the GPS, but wait... snap barn pictures!
Driving through Wisconsin and Minnesota I had ample opportunities to get a few barn
pictures.  I missed a few, but got to capture lots!

Barns with silos get my attention first.  

Add a little flair to your barn with a quilt painting and that'll surely get noticed!

After experiencing some mid west storms I can only imagine how some silos lost their tops!
Most of the barns have lost their paint too!

The barn in the middle of nowhere with no residence and no silo.
What's the story?  Did something happen to the house?  Did the silo blow away?
 Is this one of many barns on the property?
There's another trip game ~~ make up stories about the things you encounter!
What's your favorite thing to do when you're a passenger on a long trip?
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October 6, 2017

Throughout the day the lights and reflections are in constant motion that no two seconds
are the same.  The lighthouse just off Mackinac Island offers continual opportunities
while all these changes take place to get some great photos!

A late in the day shot.

September 24, 2017

Mackinac Island ~ Fun Finds

Across from the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island you'll find Superman's changing room!

High above the Grand Hotel in the Cupola you'll find this charming 
glass chandelier.  In addition to the chandelier, you'll be 
taken away with the view out the window across Lake Huron!

The Cupola at the Grand Hotel.
Find your way to the top for a drink and a view!

Along the main road into downtown from the hotel find the turtle hitching a ride!

In the Spring find the tulips that leave your eyes filled with unbelievable color!