January 30, 2017

Mt. Washington, New Hampshire

Almost to the top of Mt. Washington!
We came through the tree line and the clouds and came out into the sun!

Beginning to enter the end of the cog railway line at the top of the mountain. 
This is one sturdy building to stand up to winds in excess of 200 mph!

You could look out over the world!
The steps to the right lead down to a parking lot for those that chose to 
drive their vehicles up the mountain instead of taking the cog train.
See those clouds in the background? 
 They were fast approaching to cover up that beautiful view.

When we left the cog railway station the temperature was a beautiful
 morning Autumn of 52 degrees.  When we got to the top the temperature 
was a brisk 22 degrees with a windchill of 1 degree!
The wind whipped us along at 51 mph with gusts over 70 mph!

Many hikers were checking in at the weather station in case they don't make
 it to the bottom of the mountain within an appropriate amount of time.
  Needless to say I won't be hiking to this summit!

The picture looks calm and serene but the truth was you couldn't stand straight
 up and down but forced yourself against the wind just to look down the mountain.  
~~Those clouds to the left were arriving even faster!

As the clouds made their way toward us you could feel the mountain become another realm!
Can you see the cog train going down the mountain to the left?  It's green
Can you see vehicles coming up and down the mountain to the right?

Remember me mentioning those clouds fast approaching?
They had arrived and made you feel lost.
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January 9, 2017

Mt. Washington Cog Railway tracks

Starting to head up the mountain we made sure we were on the correct tracks.

The further up the mountain we chugged the more foreboding it became.

Each of the railroad ties are numbered going up and down the mountain. 
With each cog and chug someone inspects the tracks to report where something needs
to be looked at or corrected.

Number 95 and 96 appear good to go!

We followed the blue and green train going up!