April 30, 2013

Carlisle Events Spring Car Show 2013

--Just a few of my favorite wheels

What's not to like?

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang comes to mind.

It's like driving your apartment around!
Honestly was this ever paralleled parked?

The only one we could find in the whole place.
Just wait a few months till a year and my husbands will outshine this one!

At first I thought it was The Thing!
I was quickly corrected that is was a Willy's Jeepster.
So the yellow Willy's wasn't the only Willy's after all!

Everyone need a gangster car!

Yeah --  This was my favorite ride of the day!
I think someone was in my parents garage and stole my childhood bike!

This one brought back some memories.
Although it was a 1977 Camaro the body shape and color was exactly like my 
first car which was a 1974.

Perhaps this is where the movie makers came to get the cars for the movie 
The Great Gatsby?

--Ha!  Just had to share this.  
Any parent can understand this from time to time!

But its modified and its a 'Super' Beetle!

April 29, 2013

Carlisle Events Spring Car Show 2013

My hometown Car show -  World renowned!
Spring 2013 Car Swap Meet and Coral

These guys come prepared to carry and haul their cars out piece by piece.
Some were unique in the making and some were just --  well just a garbage can 
attached to wheels.  Whatever it takes -- to maneuver those car parts from one 
persons garage to another's.

Some did double duty acting as a billboard advertising what they had for sell or what 
they were looking to buy.

Some grocery store will be looking for him!

He's telling how he modified his kids wagon with heavy duty sides and looking 
to fill is up!

Wheels are a necessity!

Not only is a grocery store missing a cart but it also had been modified with some
pimped out wheels.

These guys will have a modified wheel rolling devise for the next show; but
when all else fails a little muscle goes a long ways.

It's time to show their wives the special charms they've purchased!

April 24, 2013

NYC 2013 International Car Show

Wings?  I've always said I'm sticking around long enough in this world
so I can 'fly' a car!

Let's go surfin!

White walls.
Are they on their way back again?

Uniquing in style as a Yankee fan.

April 21, 2013

NYC 2013 International Car Show

Black rims


It just looks fast!

Aston Martin
How many traffic tickets could one rack up with this?


April 16, 2013

New York City International Car Show 2013

My first car way back when... 
The first car I purchased on my own was a 1974 'red' Camaro.  
Ten years later my husband and I purchased a 1984 'red' Camaro.
I think I'm way past due for the next one!
A 2013 'red' Camaro looks just fine!

Do I want Red or maybe white....
You just can't go wrong with a Z-28!

Dreaming on.....

April 14, 2013

Trump Tower; New York City

Trump Tower

'The Donald' aka Donald Trump may be controversial but he 
sure knows how to define elegance and style in buildings.

April 12, 2013

NYC Doorway

.....and behind this door is........
Right along 57th street but no sign and no indication where this door leads....

April 11, 2013

Bryant Park - NYC

Bryant Park
My personal favorite spot in New York City.
(except for Fashion week and Christmas season)
I've stepped away from blogging for the last while for  the usual reason - busyness.
Reading those antique things called books, (especially 'Bonhoeffer' by Eric Metaxas), 
learning yoga, running (my own version of it -- slow), catching up on movies, 
learning some new songs on the piano.  Oh and that thing called work or 
my reason to gain a paycheck. 
 In other words I've been venturing in my other activities I enjoy.
Then there's the small issue of misplacing my favorite point and shoot camera.
Where oh where is it!   
This left me with the issue not being able to randomly shoot those random
things I come across so I've been out of spontaneous ideas lately.
A trip to NYC though gave me a push.  
My iPhone turned out to be not such a shabby camera back up!
Let's hope I get back in the groove now.
But the weather is breaking and there's biking and hiking to be done!