June 30, 2014

Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia ~ Fishing Shacks

They may be old fishing shacks but they have character.
I loved the lack of commercialism in Blue Rocks.

A place where few still make their living from the sea.

Do I detect a Christmas tree? Behind the tree and the blue rocks
lies the wide open ocean.  Fog was hiding it from us at this moment in time.

June 27, 2014

Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia ~ A walk back in time

As we were approaching Blue Rocks the fog was quickly making its way toward us.
As the saying goes it was Rollllinggg in.

In some ways you wanted to turn around and escape its enveloping around you.

The blue rocks of Blue Rocks makes its own secluded and protected harbor.

The fog was the only thing that was penetrating this harbor on the day we visited.

June 26, 2014

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia ~ A quaint village

This is as close as I got to seeing the Bluenose.

The colors of Lunenburg make you happy.
I wonder why these colors just wouldn't work in my local town?

The Lunenburg Academy
Stately elementry school! 

The Academy sits on Gallows Hill.
I found that an odd name for where an elementry school would be located.
Regardless of the name of the hill the building is not to be missed!

June 25, 2014

Lunenburg Nova Scotia Scenes

Does Crayon make a color called Lunenburg Red?
Maybe they should!

Firemen do double duty in the water as well as on land.

Every which way you turn red was in the palate.

Pretty as a postcard.  
Those benches below were heaven on Earth for us for about an hour.

June 22, 2014

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia ~ The Eastern Star

While we were sitting being mesmerized by the sea and the town of Lunenburg, 
the Eastern Star was preparing for another excursion.

After being loaded full of pirates (aye aye!), it embarked for
a glide across the water.

They were able to experience first hand how to set sail.
Everyone helped to make the sails come alive.

After the sails were in full regalia it was time to relax and enjoy the fair winds.

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June 21, 2014

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia ~ Fishermen's Memorial

A moment of reflection and remembrance at the Fishermen's Memorial.

I salute those that make their living on the sea.
The oceans are beautiful but they can also be fearsome!

Nautical designs.

June 12, 2014

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

One of the top places on my list to visit was Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.
Some of the descriptions the town's website uses to describe itself include:
-A UNESCO World Heritage Site,
-Winner of the Communities in Bloom
 -Most beautiful small town in Canada
-Prettiest Painted Places in Canada
 -Port City of the Year
-World Class fishing
-World Class Ship Building
Not one of the descriptions failed my visit.
The only failure was there wasn't more time allotted to sit longer on the benches above.

I was disappointed in only one thing but everything else made up for it.
The Bluenose II was not on display while we were visiting.
The Bluenose is near and dear to Nova Scotia, and is described as their Sailing Ambassador.
Read more about it on the link below and look for it the next time you get a 
Canadian dime as change.

June 11, 2014

Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

The Three Churches of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
Unfortunately Mahone Bay wasn't on our stop for the day but we had the pleasure 
of passing through and admiring its quaintness and putting it on the list 
of places to return to one day in the future.
Almost every village we passed through in Nova Scotia needs a return visit!

-St. James Anglican Church (1861)
-The Trinity United Church (1864)
-St. John's Luthern Church (1887)

The Mahone Bay B&B.
---in every way!

On the way out of Mahone Bay and onto our next stop you couldn't help
but take a looong glance at the house on the island.

June 9, 2014

Nova Scotia Wineries - Domaine De Grand Pre and Muir Murray Estate

The Domaine De Grand Pre Winery
An elegant and stately place.

A clever use of wine barrels.

Even the driveway at Grand Pre was a little piece of art.

Grand Pre also had its own waterfall piece of art.

All the vines were in order for the picking

We moved down the road the the Muir Murray Estate Winery where more rows
of grapes were greeting us.

Roll out the barrels....we'll have a barrel of fun!

The B&B at Muir Murray Estate.
Unfortunately this winery was closing within a few days after our visit.
We were introduced to ice wine and enjoyed hearing the history.

Someone was out seeing if the grapes were ripening up.

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June 5, 2014

Hall's Harbor Nova Scotia

This seemed to be a building important to the locals but no signs gave away its purpose.

The Fred Parker General Store
For all your fishing and basic needs as well as an ice cream cone.

Getting off the ocean floor is all up hill!

This building didn't have any markings to indicate its existance.  
But that may be the intention....not to give away its purpose!

June 4, 2014

Hall's Harbor ~ Nova Scotia Bay of Fundy ocean floor

Ready for another lobster catch early the next morning.

Bouy oh Bouy oh Bouy!

In Hall's Harbor all the boats wind up on the ocean floor for a portion of the day.
It's all about the timing of when a fisherman  comes and goes.
The dingy even gets its turn to rest!

I hope the dingy doesn't hit a sharp rock!

All the fishing makes for a good meal at the lobster pound!

June 1, 2014

Hall's Harbor, Nova Scotia ~~ The Ocean floor

What the heck?
Where's the water?
The boats are in their slots ready to go....!
At Halls Harbor in Nova Scotia the tides come in and the tides go out.
The tides are the highest tides in the world so with that being said, one would
expect peculiar sites along the way.  All along the Bay of Fundy you get to
witness things that can't be witnessed anywhere else in the world!

When tying up your boat an odd approach is taken.
Be sure to shimmy up beside a ladder and tie your rope very far from your boat.
When the tide decides to come back in this will keep your boat secure.

It was extremely foggy the morning we got to Halls Harbor.
The Bay of Fundy is seen between the dock walls.
Eventually the tide will be back into this harbor and all the boats will rise
 nicely beside the docks.  
Obviously we were here at low tide!
Of course the need to return here is high in order to see high tide.

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