August 29, 2016

Rose Cliff Mansion Details

Nothing catches my eye as much as a grand piano!
Make it a gold one and I just want to jump the ropes and play some chopsticks!

The details of the girls dress and the muscles on the dog are incredible.

As you look at the fire place mantel you can miss so much.  
Look below for a closer view and see how many cherubs you can find.

Cherub watching!
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August 26, 2016

Rose cliff Mansion, Newport, RI

Rosecliff Mansion
Before entering Rosecliff you are in awe of all the details on the outside!

Can you peek in and hear the band playing and the dresses swirling in the early 1900s?

Although weather has impacted this little guy he still looks amazing.

He's standing on a fish squirting out the fountain water.

High above you are being watched by these little guys while entering the house.

August 14, 2016

Newport Ocean Drive ~ White and Black

Always on the lookout for the perfect white home with black shutters.
Newport offered a variety to choose from.

Can you imagine yourself perched on the second floor balcony looking out to the 
ocean on a Summer day?
How about being warm and cozy on a chaise' at the huge picture window 
on the third floor on a Winter day?

Gated in but still not to be missed!

August 8, 2016

Newport Cliff Walk

For some reason this quaint beautiful home along the cliff walk reminded
me somewhat of the house in Beetlejuice.  
I had to give it a little glow for a better effect.  
I had just heard the possibility of a Beetlejuice sequel so
somewhere in the midst of my mind I was making this connection.

One of best places along the Cliff Walk!
You can open or close an assortment of doors on the gazebo
and lounge on the choicest of seats and watch the world go by!

Feel the grandeur walking through the gates along the Cliffs
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August 6, 2016

Newport Cliff Walk ~ Ochre Court Salve Regina College

Ochre Court
One of the largest mansions along the Newport Cliff Walk.
The Salve Regina College now calls this place home for their Administrative offices.

Most college campuses have and 'old main'.  
Salve Regina College boasts a grand mansion from a golden era in history.
--and the views!!! (see below)
Look out over a cliff that drops to the ocean views!

The details never stop at Ochre Court.

At ever angle and curve more details present themselves.
As the saying goes -- they just don't build them like this any more.

August 5, 2016

The Cliff Walk ~ Newport, RI

I was in paradise in the first 10 steps on the Cliff Walk.
I could've spent the whole day here!

Great arches!
They were doing some updates to the trail along the way.
Hurricane Sandy had some affect here.

You could get lost (in your mind!) here and plan a whole life!

40 Steps
Take 40 steps closer to the ocean for more great views.
Notice the guy and his pal (dog) at the bottom?
They both did a great job diving into the ocean!

Most of the time the steps are full of people coming and going.
Who wouldn't want to experience its greatness!