November 23, 2008

Subject: tree

Does 'stump sitting' run in the family? My daughter is currently doing a science project on genetics and traits. She needs to do some investigation on stump sitting. Hey -- why not!!! Her Grandmother found this stump in the hallowed fields of Gettysburg and her granddaughter found her stump at Doubling Gap. Hhhmmmm.
In another week it'll be time to pick out that Christmas tree. I've scouted out this field and found the perfect tree. Does every family have a Christmas tree story? Have you ever nailed the tree with twine to the wall out of frustration? Has your tree ever fallen over on Christmas morning? What's your favorite story? Fortunately (or unfortunately) tree stories have become less commonplace with the arrival of artificail trees. Someone will be missing out on some humerous memories down the road.....!

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