November 16, 2008


I've been patiently awaiting the days till my son comes home for Thanksgiving. He's been away now for over three months. I know he's having the time of his life and getting to experience so many new things. He's being immersed in a whole new culture from his Pennsylvania Dutch upbringing to a Southern Cajun life. He has been able to see the country by travelling to Texas, New Mexico, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Arkansas, Lousiana and many new adventures await him this coming year. He was able to pitch against LSU, Tulane, University of Alabama, University of New Mexico and many other schools in the Sun Belt conference. No matter where this all leads I just pray for his blessings of happiness, safety, healthiness and gratefulness. He has become friends with a great bunch of guys who also have great families. All the best Cory and can't wait to see you!!

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