November 2, 2008

Cruise on Down

Cruising. It's way past time for a family cruise but for the next few years life has been redirected. We watched 'Titantic' for about the 80th time and I got to thinking it sure would be nice if we were on schedule for a Caribbean trip this coming Winter. We've had some fantastic trips out on the oceans. My most favorite island is St. Maarteen and my least favorite is probably Cozumel however that is where I learned to snorkel so it does have a fond spot in my mind and some pretty tricked out jewelery to boot! We've been on the high seas with friends and cousins and just our family then with many extended family members and a few friends. We had a blast every time and we were actually exhausted till we returned because there was way more to do than we had the time. My daughter fell in love with Aruba and still claims she'll be attending college on the island. Well I suppose when I get the opportunity to 'get out there' again it will be all the better in the anticipation. Until then I'll enjoy trips to the deep south to see my son play baseball in the Big Easy or on to The Lone Star state of Texas next Summer. We'll even have the opportunity to go to Florida this winter to attend the PGA merchandise show so I do believe I'll keep occupied until I set foot on another ship. Until then.... Bon Voyage!!! My pics are from Aruba and of my beautiful children at one of the formal dinners.

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