December 8, 2010

Faaaaarrrrmmm Livin is the place for me

Sure I want to see as much as the world as possible.  Sure I have dreams of living in a New York City Penthouse.  Sure I could be a beach bum.  Sure I could hunker down in a mountain cabin. 
I love Country livin down by the farm.

December 5, 2010

Silo duty

Just a little ole silo still doing its job after many many years.  

December 4, 2010

Sweet 16

Well we finally made it to Sweet 16!
The countdown started a year ago at Thanksgiving.  I do believe I've heard the count every day for the last year.  On Thanksgiving day my daughter turned 16.  Of course EVERYONE was quite aware of that fact if you've spent any given amount of time near her recently.  We had the usual celebration of Thanksgiving/Birthday with our families (blessed) then we had to wait a week to have the smashing party full of friends and other sixteeners or soon to be sixteeners.  It wat great hearing the house full of a good time.  What was I thinking have 25 teenagers at one time!  She started out in the world five weeks early but has been a blessing to us all every minute along the way.  I think I was just as excited as her for this day to get here.  Happy Birthday and many more happy blessed and healthy years ahead!

December 2, 2010


To many (including myself from time to time) hear the name Katrina and have horrid memories.  I now hear the name Katrina and think kindness, beauty, gentleness, and every 'describing word' of niceness.  It's funny how memories or events alter your thoughts.  I came across the book called Katrina at one of my favorite hangouts lately and instead of thinking of floods and debris and damage I thought of laughter, thoughtfulness and an English Empress.  (Engligh as in grammer...)  What thoughts are provoked when people hear your name?

December 1, 2010

November 22, 2010

Charles St. Ave.

Get off the tracks, here comes the trolley.
  Since 1835 these street cars have provided a transportation need for New Oleans. 

November 19, 2010

Shot Gun Houses

New Orleans has unusual sightings.  On a drive by - down historic Charles St. we passed this little shotgun house. (through the front door then one room leading into another without a hallway all the way to the back door) These homes lie all over the greater New Orleans area.  The other description is if you shoot a bullet in the front door is goes through every room and out the back door.  They are often the most colorfuly pieces of art in the city.  Many were destroyed by Katrina.  Many have historic roots.  It's a fun day just looking for these special homes.

November 17, 2010

Little Squirt

Meet Little Squirt.
Little Squirt has graced the window over the kitchen sink at my Grandparents house as long as I've been aroud plus an additional many more years.  As I was walking down a street in New Orleans Little Squirt was directing us to the nights dinner special at a little pub.  I of course had to stop and admire him.  I've spent alot of time in that kitchen at my Grandparents.  It was always filled with many good memories and even more delicious smells from something just baked.  Like many homes the kitchen was the main meeting room in the house.  With 22 grandchildren there was always someone that was hungry.  It was a blessing to have been able to share these years with my relatives.  With all the hardness of the world today I know we all forget to cherish the things we love the most.  So look around for the little things that bring back a flash of happy times and hold onto those thoughts and be thankful.

November 11, 2010

Especially designed for the old folks in Florida!

Just for Anita and Rick! 
Don't forget I want a ride in that 'new' Mercedes Rick!!  --The one I saw pictures of!

November 10, 2010

Déjà Vu

In the movie Déjà Vu Denzel Washington drove across this bridge backwards!  I haven't been able to drive across it going forwards   -- yet.   God willing and the creek don't rise  -  (the Mississippi doesn't rise), I plan on crossing the great Mississippi into another connection of New Orleans.  This bridge is the last bridge spanning the Mississippi before it spills into The Gulf of Mexico.  Do you think the nifty webcam in the upper left will film me?

November 9, 2010


Getting ready to head to the Big Easy.
Getting ready to head to The Crescent City.
Getting ready to head to the Vieux Carre' 

October 31, 2010

Kings Gap 2010

It was a Fall day.
It was a breezy day.
It was a beautiful day.
Down?  Dreary?  Ho Hum? 
Visit Kings Gap and admire Cumberland County, Pennsylvanin!

October 17, 2010

Men in Black....

For a considerable length of time prior to the movie 'Men in Black', I knew that some folks really were aliens.  At the time I came to this conclusion from being around some co-workers. There were many that had some very odd habits and personalities.  My guess then was that they were flown in every morning and were transported into human bodies prior to walking to their desks.  Some could not shake their alien ways throughout the day which brought me to my conclusion.  The movie then made it's debut and sealed my thoughts.  I'd like to know who else was thinking my same thoughts?  Recently I found this fellow on the side of my house.  I didn't receive any visitors that day so I'm thinking he/she was just taking a rest on my home until they went to their final destination.  I do believe this was one of the coffee lounge 'people' from the movie.........

October 8, 2010

Baseball News

Baseball Highlights this week:
Phillies Roy Halladay pitches a perfect game in the first play-off game of the season.
Oh, what every pitcher dreams of!!!!

September 22, 2010

My 'Reasons' for never being home...

I'm ready for it!  Get it to me!

One, Two Three !    Spells O-U-T!
Step away from my ball...!

My Angel!

September 6, 2010

Love them or hate them The Yankees are Big.

Click on the picture for a better view...
After climbing (literally) all the way to the top of Yankee stadium it was a good day. At first we thought we weren't in NYC any longer but when the rain came and kept coming in sheets we were glad because we were covered. The Yankees were playing the Seattle Mariners this day and won 10-0. After a delay the game finished. I kept predicting we would die from heat exhaustion or get soaked with the skies looking gray. I didn't think we'd have both!

September 4, 2010

Vietnam Women's Memorial Statue

During our countries time of war everyone is affected.
From men to women.
From one ethnic backgroud to another.
From young to old.
From rich to poor.

August 30, 2010

August 24, 2010

Abe's view

You can't go to the Lincoln memorial without thinking about Forrest!

August 23, 2010

August 20, 2010

Smithsonian Instuition

It's in the details...
Thanks to James Smithson who never even visited the United States we are blessed to have the Smithsonian Institution. It consists of 19 museums in and around Washington D.C. and has 168 affiliate museums around the globe. They consist of over 137 million pieces of objects, art work and specimens. That's allot of museum time! The castle pictured here today is the original start of this great institution.

The building alone is a piece of art.

August 17, 2010

Susquhanna Service Dogs

Momma Pearl

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with 7 little charmers. They are destined to be service dogs some day. If I ever happen to need a service dog I'd wish to be lucky and have one of these fellows. They have the calmest sweetest Momma whose name is Pearl. Thanks to Crystal for going through Pearl's pregnancy and helping to bring these beautiful creatures into the world. Alot of time is devoted that these dogs are taken care of properly before being trained to spend a life of helping those less fortunate. Check out their website at The puppies are named after gemstones. Tanzanite, Topaz, Amber, Diamond, Coral, Aquamarine (Aqua), and Opal.
Check out how other around the world have spend their week at

August 15, 2010

Holocaust Museum

What an impact.
I pray I find the strength to stand up to injustice.
You walk away from the museum with 'WHY' still lingering....
Only guard yourself and guard your soul carefully,
lest you forget the things your eyes saw,
and lest these things depart your heart all the days of your life,
and you shall make them known to your children,
and to your children's children.
Source: Deuteronomy 4:9

August 12, 2010

Free Parking

Another great Pennsylvania Dutch hang out is the Green Dragon Farmers market. It's open every Friday and has whatever you're looking for and at bargain prices. The most freshest fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and meat along with socks, purses, and some stylin sunglasses. To top it all off everyone has 'free' parking! Bring your horse and come on down!

August 11, 2010

Mmmm Mmmm Gooood

While in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country (Ephrata, PA) we came across the best lunch special of the day. Any way you'd like them there worms .... fried (local favorite), steamed, with onions and of course potatoes, with a little butter, boiled, grilled. Take your pick and all are welcome!

August 10, 2010

Ollie and Cruisin down the river...


This town ain't big,
this town ain't small.
It's a little of both they say.
Our ball club may be minor league but at least it's triple A.
We sit below the Marlboro man,
above the right field wall.
We do the wave all by ourself.
Hang off, a blind man could've made that call.

We like beer flat as can be.
We like our dogs with mustard and relish.
We got a great pitcher what's his name.
Well we can't even spell it.
We don't worry about the pennant much.
We just like to see the boys hit it deep.
There's nothing like the view from the cheap seats.

So this is Ollie. King of Cheap. Who doesn't want a bargain?
Poor Ollie even got slammed in the head at the game. He
just continued to hang around.

Before the game....

They were crusin down the river...
On a Sunday afternoon.....