November 6, 2008

Nature at it's best

Just another beautiful sunset picture. What can I say. It never ceases to amaze me as to what a sunset can make me feel. During this time of the year the colors explode from one moment to the next. If you blink you can miss the next array of colors that are revealed.

Last Sunday we ventured out to the nearby Big Spring creek on the way into Newville, PA. Some lay claim that this creek beholds some of the best fly fishing around. I believe it's another serene place in nature to be near and just simply enjoy. Flies. Way - way back in my younger days I tried out the art of 'tying flies'. I can recall my brother tying flies and somehow winding up with the hook in his nose! How can one do this!!!? My brother was an avid fisherman and has spent many hours along The Big Spring. It's a great escape from the everyday grind of an office or dealing with frustrated people.

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