October 27, 2013

Bar Harbor, Maine - Sunset on the water

My first glimpse of Bar Harbor included the elusive Margaret Todd Windjammer.
I was lucky enough to capture a shot before it vanished behind the island.

A glance back at downtown Bar Harbor  you can see the end of another day 
as the sun was setting very quickly.

Many boats were on their way into their berths after a day of
lobstering, fishing, crabbing and pleasure.

All was quiet just before sunset.

October 18, 2013

Bar Harbor, Maine

As we left Booth Bay our goal was Bar Harbor by mid afternoon.
We were behind schedule but aren't they the best vacations when we 
are thrown off track?
We could've spent a week at almost each town or village along the way.
Rockland, Rockport and Camden all are on the list to make a return!
On to Bar Harbor:

We arrived just prior to sunset.
We checked into our hotel and because the surroundings were 
spectacular we took a quick stroll through the grounds.
I could've sat on a bench looking over Frenchman Bay for hours, but 
there was too much to see!

Our hotel had it's own lobster pound.
It smelled delicious and it was quite interesting but
we still needed to make it to downtown Bar Harbor before the sun set.

A quick jaunt out onto the dock you look back to this quaint
structure.  It was everything I dreamed a Maine coastal home would be!

At the end of the dock we found some lobster pot seats.  
How original?
Comfort didn't come to mind but someone definitely has a creative mind.

At the very end of the dock beyond a gate that kept us at bay this little gem sat.
I couldn't find out much information except it's name - Lady Jane.
All the creature comforts of home!

October 10, 2013

Boothbay, Maine

A dingy here, a dingy there, everywhere you look a dingy!
Home sweet home above the water.

Even though tourists were the main attractions on the streets 
of Boothbay, it's still full of it's own distinct character.

A storybook house.

Although we spent less than two hours in Boothbay
it catches your breath around every corner and throughout
each wave.

October 9, 2013

Boothbay Footbridge Views

In one of the inner most inlets of Boothbay kayakers can be found
paddling through the calm waters in a picture perfect setting.
This was taken from the Boothbay footbridge.

The view from the other side of the Boothbay footbridge looks out into the inlet 
of Boothbay towards the ocean.  Hardly a spot can be found where a sea going 
vessel isn't crossing.

In the middle of the footbridge you find the Footbridge House.
Quaint comes to mind except for the busy foot traffic.
Since 1902 this Bungalow as it's described on the recent real estate listing
has housed businesses and private dwellings.
For $795,000.00 you too can enjoy the insanely beautiful views
that Boothbay provides.

To go along with the Bungalow - a little wooden dingy
can be purchased for $30,000.00
Do I see a business adventure for rides in the bay?

The Bungalow and its backyard and dingy can be see in all
it's glory from this vantage point.  
This backyard requires no mowing!

The footbridge is exactly what it says it is!
Don't stand still for long to look a the sensational views without 
putting on your flashers!

October 8, 2013

Boothbay, Maine

Boothbay was a contrasting view of vivid colors.
We were there on a picture perfect day and the harbor
was full of traffic.
Every kind, make, and size of flotation devices were headed in 
every direction!

It appears the harbor was the church parking lot.

A fiberglass boat is one thing but a beautiful wooden boat 
was a show stopper for many a passerby.

Even an old unpainted pipe running side of a building offered up a 
splash of color not to be missed!