November 10, 2008

The Beatles!

Aren't they the best! They were traffic stoppers and everyone enjoyed them but wondered how these young girls know so much about The Beatles. They all love the movie 'Across the Universe' and their music class at school has inspired them. They have so many more fun and adventuresome years ahead of them. I personally hope they continue to just love each day and always be willing to just have a fun time wherever they are in life............ THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD....................!


  1. Holly, I've been enjoying your blog, you take some wonderful pictures. When you get a minute, check out mine. You can find me at

    Talk to you soon via the blog-o-sphere!

    Kathy Lynn

  2. Kathy Lynn! How'd you find me!? (my mom?) I have fun learning photoshop, corel, and my camera. It's like learning three new languages. Lots of mistakes but a fun outlet. Glad to hear from you!

  3. My mom talks to your mom and they mentioned their children's blogs and then we found you on blogspot and here we are. Kevin also has one you should check out, he's at



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