September 15, 2016

Rose Cliff Mansion ladies

Found this lady in the back of Rose Cliff strolling the yard.

Found this lady of Rose Cliff watching over the Rose garden.

Waiting for Rapunzel!

September 12, 2016

Rose Cliff Mansion

The view behind Rose Cliff isn't so shabby either!
Especially if you're looking across the Atlantic Ocean

How about a nice lawn party?

Take a stroll around the back yard and compare your mansion to all the 
others lining the coastline.

A long hot Summer?
Dip your toes into the fountain!

Mother Goose and Friends

All the statues give you a whimsical feel!

The beauty surrounds you no matter what room you enter at Rose Cliff.

Maybe this is where the bookkeeping was done to make sure Rose Cliff was well maintained!
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September 8, 2016

Rose Cliff Mansion artworks

A Viennese rococo tin-glazed earthenware stove.
I thought it was 'just' a piece of artwork but came to find out
it served another purpose at one one time!
--The picture behind the stove was something to behold too!

I was waiting for this angel to turn around and tell us what time it was!
(too soon for that technology yet?)

Stamding tall in the hall!

Many of the chandeliers have been modified to electric but
at one time gas or candles were the only choices.

September 7, 2016

Rose Cliff Mansion Life

What a shabby view from the great room of the house!
~~ Sarcasm! ~~
Looking out across the ocean !

The light fixtures could be a tour in and of itself!

Enter through the main door and walk the red carpet to 
feel like a star!

The artwork is worth stopping and appreciating!

This is the lounge for the men to retire to after dinner and enjoy their smokes and drinks!