May 29, 2010

The Old Stone Church

The Old Stone Church in Cleveland, OH.
A Presbyterian church began in 1819 and the church was erected in 1855. It suffered a couple of fires through the years but stands today with great pride among the taller and newer buildings.

May 28, 2010

Buehrle gets ejected after Ozzie

We were at the MLB game of the day. Cleveland Indians vs Chicago White Sox. The CWS coach Ozzie Guillen was ejected from the game by umpire Cowboy Joe West at 1st base after calling an unearned balk on Mark Buehrle the pitcher. In the next inning ole Joe called a second 'unearned' balk on Mark. Exasperated Mark threw his glove on the ground and he was ejected by Joe. The picture shows Mark being constrained from going to 'talk it over' with Joe. Ozzie's colorful diatribe of an interview after the game clearly displayed his feelings toward Joe. I have to say I think on this day it was deserved. There were many Indian fans who also agreed. It did add some excitement to the game!

May 23, 2010

Graduation - Harrisburg Penn State

I'm so very proud of these two beautiful ladies!
Congratulations Cortney on a job well done!
Now I hope you find that perfect job.

Oh Happy Day!

May 22, 2010

Gimp1 and Gimp2

The culprit? Ice Hockey and Baseball.
Connor = collarbone
Cory = labral tear
On the mend and anxious to get back on the ice and on the mound.

May 2, 2010

Days go by....

And days go by...
I can feel 'em flyin'
Like a hand out the window in the wind.
The cars go by...
Yeah it's all we've been given,
So you better start livin' right now'
Cause days go by...
**So how many bugs have met their demise upon this grill?