November 24, 2008


When you take a snapshot and get it loaded onto the computer an instinct to attempt to make the picture look better sets in. Sometimes though there's no reason to touch it and let it be. Here are three pics I believe are the utmost in colors I find intriguing. The blues and the greens in the first pic are pure. The second picture of the rainbow takes me back to Science class. "Roy G. Biv" Do you remember him? --Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet. I could've changed the mid tones or the contrast or sharpen things up but hey I like it just the way it is...!

Of course I agree that I could've played with this picture but it has some of the most intriguing colors I've never found except in a sunset. Crayola you have a challenge. Take a close look between the branches and tell me what color you think that is. It reaveals itself for only seconds and if you look away for a second it's gone.

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