January 31, 2010

Let's Play!

Another year another game! Tomorrow is the 'official' start day for college baseball. It was 18 degrees here in Pennsylvania this morning. Can you imagine hitting a ball with a metal bat? Ouch! Further south things are a little better but hopefully that temperature gauge will keep rising. Good luck to all those ready to make this the year!

January 29, 2010

Carlisle Army Heritage Trail Hottie

I couldn't end my posting of the Carlisle Army Heritage Trail without posting a few pics of my favorite poser. I take her everywhere I possibly can. She has a passion for the old vehicles and especially any Willy's she can find. She also thinks she was the fifth Beatle and proclaims she needs to get to England so finding an English flag was a highlight of her day. Enjoy my wonderings from the Carlisle Army Heritage Trail in this post and the past weeks posts. I figured it was time to sit down and see what has been in my camera .

January 26, 2010

Carlisle,PA Army Heritage Trail Experience

Located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania you can experience the U.S. Army through many decades.

Old Glory stands guard and Uncle Sam is still looking for a few Good Men!

The Huey Helicopter
Vietnam Era Big Gun!

Modern Tank

Aiming for you Kid!

Heavy Duty Armour.


Follow my blog for the past few days to capture a small snapshot of the Army Heritage Trail. You won't be disappointed. If you are lucky enough to visit the trail on one of their special events the experience becomes even greater. Click 'HERE' to see their website to learn when these events will be. The trail is always open and makes a great stroll on any day. For an even greater experience the indoor museum is it's own destination. What a great family visit!

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January 25, 2010

Carlisle,PA Army Heritage Trail - Fire Power

(I stand to be corrected on the following information:)
Vietnam Hooch
Revolutionary War Cannon

German Gunner

Civil War Cannon

The Sherman Tank

Cobra or Snake Helicopter - Vietnam
-click on the picture to get a closer look at the fire power

January 24, 2010

Carlisle,PA Army Heritage Trail - Inside

WWII Army Chapel
Meeting areas, Mess Hall and Bunk House.

Civil War
Don't the beds look comfy? Yes it's bunk beds! (on the right)

Revolutionary Cabin and Drum.
Interesting how music is always found in the history of our military.
My Veterans Day post was a tribute to a Civil War drummer. (Check it out by clinking here)

WWI Trench.
A carved out area in the trench was a little shelter.

WWI Trench
This was probably considered an upgraded trench because of the raised wooden floors. Maybe a General is stationed in this one? A carved out area underground within the trench housed the highest ranking officer and the telecommunications.

January 23, 2010

Carlisle,PA Army Heritage Trail - More Buildings

Vietnam War:
I need to find out just what the barrels purposes are... I imagine they could've stayed low in the inside mess hall and they could have proteced the soldiers from shellings? Vietnam War look-out tower. I do believe the jungle is missing though.

Civil War or Revolutionary War Church:
A place to pray and seek guidance could always be found.
Just who has the rotten ideas to eliminate this in out society today?
Can you imagine calling this luxury compared to previous wars?
An actual floor was a great step up.
WW II place of worship.
It may look dull from the outside but insdie the word would be - quaint.
(stay tuned for inside shots coming soon)
When I mention that the WW II housing was luxury this was the measurement for that statement.
By no means do I think that our soldiers lives on the line have gotten better through the ages. They are the true heroes among us. Their living conditions have been awful throughout the ages and till this day it is not a five star hotel let alone a one star. AAA would not even consider rating the living conditions that our soldiers have to endure. A huge thanks goes out to them and their families and I pray that they we all continue to seek out our places of worship for the guidance we need today.

January 22, 2010

Carlisle,PA Army Heritage Trail - Buildings

Civil War Era:
Barn? Home?
Which ever it may be it is compact!
Civil War Village
Very interesting to investigate inside each of these structures. I do believe anyone that may be tall could have had a few issues. So just how did Abe make it through these doors?

The Carlisle Forge:
We've seen nails being made here and even shell casings. I guess the Blacksmith was on his lunch hour or called it a day since he closed up shop for the day.

What a respected Revolutionary home. It's completed with a great fireplace and running water! Just 'run' out the front door and fetch the pail and toss it down the well and 'run' back inside. Imagine retriving the water at 30 degrees and the winds whipping across the field.....

A typical French and Indian War block house:
Step inside and crawl upstairs to see the small holes used to be on the look-out for enemies and to be able to shoot. You sure would need to be a marksman to get the job done.

It may not be a building but it most certainly was a home to many families as they trekked across our country to the adventures in the Wild West.

January 21, 2010

History through Faces Carlisle Army Heritage Trail

Even my relatives are passing along their heritage. (thanks, Frank!)

Civil war darning hour. Do you think the fellow in the background is making a contribution in helping keep the home fires buring while the soldiers are off fighting?

There is always an opportunity for shopping through the ages....

Details! From the coffee pot to the frying pan you have your kitchen. From the wooden seat to the wooden table your living room is complete. Your bedroom is undercover and ready for you to catch a snooze. --- Right after you hunt down your dinner, save the deer hide for making a winter coat, chopping your firewood, and just where is the bathroom!!!

So do you think this is an original chair?

Revolutionary good times!

Down in the trench and hoping their hats can repel the incoming mortar.

Wie mein Motorrad?
Thanks to all the reenactors who take the time to portray history in a way that any age can learn something new. Hands on displays and talks with them have you going back to your school years remembering what you've learned. They even give you a nudge to go look up parts of history and discover our past.

January 20, 2010

Carlisle, PA Army Heritage Trail

Redoubt #10.
It's the Revolutionary War and we're ready to take the British. The drums are beating, the flutes are playing the the march has begun to take possession of this fortification. This is one entrance way into the Redoubt.

Inside Redoubt #10.
After taking possession we now have control over the canons and feel the safety within the walls.
Vietnam War bunker.
This bunker is built only partially underground and covered with corrugated steel and sand bags. Does it make you feel safe? Imagine you're in Vietnam and it's raining and it's humid and it muddy and this is your only protection...

World War I German Pill Box.
Follow this tunnel underground to a slightly bigger area (see to the right of the pic) where small slats are made in order for soldiers to shoot their enemies from. Soldiers spent considerable time underground actually living in these trenches. Imagine the filth, the smells and how it would feel.....

World War I trench.
See and feel what it would've been like as you wind your way through a WWI replica of a trench. See where a room is cut out under ground used for communications. See where and how soldiers were tended to if they were hurt.