May 31, 2009

Found another Willy's

We found another Willy's Jeep lately! My daughter spied it from across the field and made the dash to it. She's the next top model with her popping pose!

May 29, 2009

Mountain Home

Recently spent some time at our family cabin. There always needs to be a fire in the pit just in case someone needs a mountain pie -- even if it's 80 degress. There are always tall tales to tell sitting around the fire. There's always a wild game of Rummy Cube. There's always more to eat than one person should ever be allowed... There's always some interesting characters as I found this day. They were all jumping for joy. I found a few college kids hanging out too. --A good time was had by all!

May 28, 2009

Baseball is life

My son is yet again ready to 'play ball'! He's off to McKinney, Texas to see yet another part of our great country. I should be sad that his college team didn't make the playoffs this year but a part of me was elated because he was able to come home for a few days otherwise who knows when I would see him. Thanks to the sponsers and host families he is off to some wonderful opportunities. I wish him well and hopefully I'll be able to experience the great state of Texas as we travel to see him this Summer. I loved these old time uniforms shown in today's picture.

May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day 2009

Stars And Stripes Forever

- John Philip Sousa

Hurrah for the flag of the free!
May it wave as our standard forever,
The gem of the land and the sea,
The banner of the right.
Let despots remember the day
When our fathers with mighty endeavor
Proclaimed as they marched to the fray
That by their might and by their right It waves forever.
--The bottom picture are grave markers from a local cemetary. They include the Spanish-American War, The Revoloutionary War, Civil War, World War I and World War II. We didn't find any Vietnam War markers or any from any current wars but then the cemetary is a quite old one. Thanks to all those veterans who have served our country. Thanks to the current men and women soldiers who are serving now. A special thanks to all the families that spent their time awaiting their return. God Bless America!!

May 22, 2009

Wrought Iron

I admire iron art. Iron art? Yes iron art! These two pictures are from the Pennsylvania State Capitol complex. The details are what I find interesting. I love the city of Charleston, SC with all of it's iron gates and the city of New Orleans also has it's share. When I think of my home state and local cities this usually doesn't come to my mind but maybe I'm just not taking the time to notice. Go figure!
A big Happy 49th Anniversary to my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Kenny! I just read on another blog that it was their anniversary. 49 years! Wow!

May 20, 2009

30 Hour Famine

Congratulations on these two lovely ladies in adorable 'yellow' raincoats for surviving a 30 hour famine. They particiapted in this event last Saturday into Sunday evening. A local youth group is trying to raise $3000.00 for those who face this kind of life every day. One of the fund raisers was placing these cute cows in yards and having people pay to have them remove and pay a little more for them not to returned! How clever! There is so much happening lately it's hard to keep up with it all. Their dedication is appreciated and I hope they reach their goal.

May 19, 2009

50 years!!

Happy 50th Anniversary Aunt Mary and Uncle Carl!
We recently celebrated my Aunt and Unlce's 50 years together. You can see the wedding dress and suit behind them. It was a happy occassion. I was happy to celebrate with them.
--I hope they are enjoying their 'red' gift!!!

May 18, 2009

Pennsylvania State Capitol - Harrisburg, PA

I had several hours to dally away recently while in downtown Harrisburg, PA. The state capitol building was beside where I was waiting for my daughter so I made the most of a beautiful day. Our state capitol is a beutiful ornate building that dominates the skyline from a distance. It was built in 1906. The dome alone has so many facets to look at that is goes unnoticed most of the time. The street view is from the front steps of the capitol looking toward the Susquehanna river. It reminds me of Mayberry! The intricate details in many of these old buildings amaze me that an artist took the time many many years ago to put their legacy down. Thankfully many generations till now and yet to come can enjoy their works.

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May 17, 2009


I'm not sure what the concept was behind 'the hand' holding the light. Was it someone's personal humor that was able to be displayed or was there a real reason that a hand was chosen? I may need to do some reading on this. I just found it odd but interesting. This is at the main entrance of The Forum in downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The building has been around since 1930. Look around wherever you are there's lots to see that goes unnoticed.

May 16, 2009

8th Grade Formal

Oh what a night! All those 'little' kids are now beautiful ladies! It was a night to remember for them. Nails had to be done, hair had to look just right, make-up had to be perfected, shoes -- well a whole story could be written on girls and shoes, dresses had to be just darn beautiful. Hundreds of pictures had to be taken from great smiles to silly faces. All that was before the dance even began. From all I heard the dance was a success and even some hottie boys checked them out. What more could a girl ask for! After the dance was filled with eating Whales and smoothies then re-living the dance for half the night. Keep growing beautiful inside and out!

May 12, 2009

Piano Extravaganza 2009!

The Capital Area Chapter of Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association presented it's Piano Extravaganza 2009 on May 9, 2009 at The Forum Auditorium in Harrisburg, PA. This event is held every three years and takes months of planning. A student is selected by their piano teachers once they have achieved a certain level of learning. The music is then selected and practiced. An audition is held months in advance with close scrutiny. If they are selected then more practice takes place until the last month where several get together practices are held as the students learn to follow a conductor and play with 31 other students at the same time. Eight sets of 32 players are then brought together on the stage to play a wide range of musice for a night of artistic flair. My daughters set played Music! Music! Music, Russian Waltz, Heart and Soul and Square Dance USA!. The most obaintable set is the last set playing Stars and Stripes Forever. What a great song to end a terrific evening. Way to go Samantha keep on practicing!

May 9, 2009

State Squirrel

This is Harriett. He is the Pennsylvania state squirrel. I found him behind the state capital while out for a stroll. I was curious about what he was up to and I think he found me to be just plain annoying hanging around watching him. I had some time to waste and took a long walk around our capital. It's amazing all the charming things you can come across while strolling. If I'd be driving there wouldn't have even been a glance. It's a hard thing to slow down and smell the roses especially when you can't find roses. What the heck I settled for smeilling the lilacs!

May 7, 2009

Road Trip!!!!!

My old old daughter finds this amazing. I spotted this in New Orleans and snapped away just for her. I'm thinking this would be a great vehicle to go cross country and stop at all the out of the way places and find adventure. Some good tunes would be required also. Let me think what would my daughter choose in that line....The Beatles! Oh to live that carefree.

May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Beth!

Today is my sister's birthday. I wish for her all the best. She's a generous person whose first passion (besides her boys) is shoes. If you ever need a pair of shoes for that special event contact her and make a visit to her closet. I'm thinking she has passed this gene onto my daughter. Oh no!! Have a happy day and know how much you are blessed!

May 3, 2009

Oh what a day

Spring Spring Spring. One of my most favorite spots (I have alot of those) is right on my back deck on an evening where the shadows are long and the temperature is jusssstt right. The colors on this Spring evening were awe inspring. The gold finches added to the flair as they flew nearby. Why does that mountain look like that? A major sandbank has existed here for years. It takes away from the scenery but at the same time it provides quite the landmark for anyone who has ever flown through the valley. I've spotted my home on many occasions while getting ready to land in the airport 40 miles away. When you've been away there's always great joy in seeing 'your' home.

May 1, 2009

Piano Recital 2009

Samantha played in her piano recital last weekend. She played solo but then played when with another girl whom she has been practicing with for the upcoming Piano Extravaganza in two weeks. She has put in many practice hours and auditioning to be able to participate. I'm proud of her accomplishments. I hope she always has a song in her heart.