May 25, 2017

Martha's Vineyard

We had a choice:
Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard won out this time.  Neither island was on the vacation list
this time, but because of the wretched heat we decided a day near or on the 
water would be better spent than the day in Boston.
Boston is definitely fun to discover, but when the mercury is to go over 100,
anything related to water, sounds wonderful!

May 24, 2017

A Hot Day at the Ball Field ~ Fenway Park

This way for an exciting and hot day full of baseball!
105 Degrees!

After eating some great food throughout the city, there was no room left
for baseball food, but you could surely have your choice along Yawkey Way!

The Red - I mean 'Green' Monster.
I do wonder why the Boston 'Red' Sox would have a green monster instead of a red one....

Looking for our seats, we came across a red one!
Section 42, Row 37, Seat 21
Good ole Ted Williams managed to slug a ball to this point in 1946 at 502 feet!
It was the longest home run ever hit in Fenway Park.
It's quite the famous seat before and after a game.

America's most beloved park...
What do the Pirates, Phillies, and Orioles fans think?
How about the Yankees?
Or my favorite the Giants?

Wally the green monster was making sure one of the first pitches was good!

I always have a place in my heart for the pitcher...

The Boston skyline was in full flair!

Can't find the ball field?
The CITGO sign is the primary land mark!

May 23, 2017

St. Mary's Church ~ Newport, RI

Exquisite doors of St. Mary's in Newport, RI
The wedding of John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Lee Bouvier is the historical event
to give reason to see this beautiful Church.

From the early 1800's this Church has witnessed the coming and goings of 
the Newport societies.

The original steeple is now displayed in a side garden.

Fluer De Lis
Look around it seems to show up everywhere!

A side entrance is just as quaint as the front entrance. 

May 22, 2017

Belleville Farmers Market

I'm from the area of all black Amish buggies.
In Belleville  you can find some colorful choices.

Everyone needs a pickup to take home their bigger purchases.
The Amish have their version of a pickup truck too!

There's hay for sale!

On this auction block you can purchase your garden plants for the year or buy 
some delicious vegetables grown for you.
How about a good pecan pie?
How much would you bid?

Things were looking a little sheepish in this pen.
Can you see a warm sweater among these sheep?

Waiting for a new home.

Farms, silos and mountains.
What more could you want in life!?

Farm Country!
Thanks to my friend Susan for sharing her part of the world with us!

What else is going on around the world today?

May 19, 2017

Round Barn of Adams County, PA

From high on the hill at Hauser's Estate Winery you can look across a large portion of 
Adams County in Pennsylvania.  On this occasion the air had such a crispness.
The Round Barn was so vivid compared to many other times.
If you're ever a visitor near Gettysburg, PA both the Round Barn and Hauser's 
deserve a visit!

Because I save my phone photos to an App that sometimes stylizes my photos for me,
I thought I'd share their stylized version of the Round Barn too.

May 15, 2017

Taughannock Falls ~ Trumansburg, NY

The Finger Lakes area of New York has much more than just wine!
Taughannock Falls is worth the stop.  
You can witness the layers of time!

With the Spring rains we had the night before the water was running high and mighty!

This would be more than a cool dip.
It would be a freezing dip!

You can hike back to see the falls from below too.
It was a muddy kind of day and we had our puppies with us, so we decided
viewing the falls from above would suffice.  Either way they're beautiful! 

What else is going on around the world  today?

May 13, 2017

Campground Views in New Hampshire

Spending time at the campground really hasn't been on my agenda.  
I enjoy parking and then going to check out the local areas.
Our campground in New Hampshire though was a joy.
(Lincoln/Woodstock KOA)
On a trail nearby I found these views that left you in awe!

In or out of the water these trees showed off their colors!

These wild animals are usually with me when off exploring any trails I can find.
Do you think they'll chase off any bear or moose?

Back up the side of the mountain trail to the campground.

We were at the campground for the last week it was open before the cold weather hit.
It was quiet and sparsely populated, which is fine by us!

May 11, 2017

Rock of Ages Granite Quarry, Graniteville, Vermont

The last day of our vacation, we plan for some down time or some semi-local sightings.
Our campground recommended going to the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry.
I was skeptical and couldn't imagine looking in a big hole would be interesting.
I was wrong!
I'm wrong a lot and thankfully I still find an appreciation for the directions I'm sent even
if it wasn't on my radar.  I have to admit wholeheartedly that this tour was sensational!

Looking down in the hole was aided by looking out at the horizon too for those gorgeous Vermont
fall leaves in full color!  The water at the bottom of the quarry is around 600 hundred feet deep.
The color is of course from the granite and its scientific geological names!  It really was that
deep turquoise color that drew your eyes to it. 
Can you see the little red shed  (toward the right side)?  The piece of granite they've been working
on is to the right with a ladder going up to it and another ladder going to the top of the quarry.  
This little (gigantic) slab was over 25+ tons.

This is a closer look at the little slab they've been readying to take out of the quarry.
How may tomb stones will this make?
What beautiful statue or monument will evolve from within?

We were told that this quarry can keep producing granite for another 1400+ years.
If you keep your eyes roving around you'll come across their logo in more places than originally thought.  They provide many many businesses with their granite.

This tall langly thing is a derrick.
It's responsible for helping the workers get the granite out of its spot.
All those wires going literally all over the mountain is what keeps the 
derrick in place when handling tons and tons of weight.

This is one of the derrick tie downs.  The granite helping to secure the wire
is a couple tons.  Who came up with all of this technology!

Anyone for a swim?
The quarry isn't open over the Winter because of the bitter cold and winds, but I'd like to experience
it at that point.  --maybe for just 3 minutes!!

Check out the next statue, monument, grave memorial you come across.
Vermont may have had a hand in providing the granite.

Check out their website for pictures of the beautiful artwork they've provided all over the world.

May 7, 2017

Shem Creek Bar and Grill

It's been a few years since I had the opportunity to get back to Charleston, SC and the 
surrounding areas.  Every time I travelled here I was on business, so I only had the
opportunity to see sunsets and maybe a half hour of something else if our 
meetings got out early.  This time was a vacation trip and I was lucky enough to
see and do so much more at a leisurely pace.
Those sunsets left an impression and I had to go back to my favorite spot and see
it one more time!

We used to have drinks and time to chat in this great location which is the same spot I 
get to witness the sunsets.  I was disappointed to see that the weather had some wear and
tear on it and nobody was allowed to enter.  Hopefully they'll get it back to par someday!

This is the inside that was boarded off.  You can see the sunset was starting to have its effect!

Finding a few lines where the water snakes through the tall 
grass gives a special effect during the sunsets.

If you're ever in or near Charleston cross the bridge to Mt. Pleasant and look for
Shem Creek Bar and Grill.  Have some drinks and dinner and wait for the sunset.
A perfect ending to a great day!