May 8, 2013

Carlisle Events 2013 Spring Car Show - Wrap up

The Carlisle Events Car shows offer a wide range of interests.
You can literally spend days combing through everyone else's
'stuff'.  In the day of DIY this and DIY that it's an exciting 
adventure to determine what you can make out of things one tossed.

I know a few college kids that once had a room full of signs that once stood along 
the sides of the roads.  I wonder where these signs emerged from?
Of course when it was time to move home I know the Mother's of the college kids
weren't welcoming the signs into their homes!

Some had clever neatly displayed items for sale while other appeared to have
emptied a box onto the table and took off to buy more 'stuff'.

The Green Ghost
Oh what stories could these doors tell?

A well used tire.  
I hope whoever owns this tire found a new tire at the show!

Old gas pumps are a popular redo item to display in a state of the art garage.

Sand paper?
What grade and what shape would you like?

Of course everyone gets hungry walking mile after mile.
There's plenty of stopping points to consume!

French Fries
A staple at any event involving humans!

May 7, 2013

Carlisle Events 2013 Spring Car Show - Parts

Car Parts
Truck Parts
They got them - everywhere!

Custom coverings!

Some choose the right pair of shoes, and others choose the right door.
What's your color pick?

How about some matching hoods to go along with the doors?

A set of good used tires.

Matching fenders all around!

Seats are are popular choice to update a used car.

Who knew that there are tons of choices in selecting the right steering wheel.

Are they soon to be a thing of the past with the onslaught of the fob?

Shiny yes, but no jewels.

May 6, 2013

Carlisle Events 2013 Spring Car Show -- The Unusual!

2013 Spring Car Show
Carlisle, PA
This displays just a smidgen of how big the show is in Carlisle.
If you can't find a car part here there's a problem!
Besides cars and trucks and car parts and truck parts the variety
of 'stuff' is also quite amazing!

It was a warm day but who knows what tomorrow may bring. 
Always be ready for a a little sledding!

Carburator, head gaskets or a guitar suit your findings?

Maybe you can find a toy that matches your car!

Don't you just feel a little safer with this guy around?

Home made travel home ready to go when you are!

I needed a haircut but $250.00 was not in my budget!

Just the thing I was looking for!
What a bargain!

You can buy your own super sonic jet for a mere $1200.00
I've always wanted a flying car, maybe this is my opportunity!

I know the lion the horse and the buffalo were for sale along with the lamp post, 
but I couldn't find a price tag on the stripped man in the chair!  I have the perfect place 
for him too.