November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday! cha cha cha!

Happy Birthday Samantha! Sam you are! You are Sam!! Fourteen years have gone by since that blessed day when I received a beautiful 4 pound bundle. She has grown into a sensational young lady with a charming personality. She 'jumps' for joy every chance she gets and is always ready with a smile for whatever lies ahead. She loves her music and reading and sports and who can top her in shopping! I look forward to always seeing her smile and being part of her world.


  1. Happy Birthday, Sam!
    Holly, I stop by everyday, I'm just not a big commenter.

  2. Me to I want to be a part of that world too. She has been a big blessing to us as we have always had a good time with her especially shopping . Love you Sam grandma b

  3. hey!
    so this is your most favorite daughter! ha and i am commenting this blog because that girl in all of those pictures has to be the most amazing!! how does she jump so well? and i heard she has some of the greatest shoes in the whole wide world!! ha i would like to see that. she does indeed enjoy shoping but i think a girl with the nickname noodles has a better chance then her!! i guess you have to take me shopping and we will see!!

    your blog is very good cause (iam here)! :)


  4. Happy Birthday Sammy:
    Love Butch


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