August 28, 2017

Mackinac Island Grand Hotel

In all it's glory
  The Mackinac Island Grand Hotel
Approaching the island your eyes are immediately drawn to the hotel.

Build in 1887 they proudly pronounce they have the longest porch in the world.

Grand is an appropriate word to describe the hotel.
Not a guest?
For $10 you can walk through the hotel both inside and out, and maybe even have lunch!

The cafe is also open for some lighter faire.

The views!
Did I mention the views!!
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August 21, 2017

Mackinac Island Horses

Since Mackinac Island has no vehicles, horses are now of the primary means of 
transportation besides bicycles.

They all seem to be well cared for.
When the Summer heat gets too hot, they are given more breaks and less rounds for the day.

Some carriages only require one horse, or two horses.
These people movers though required three horses!
You could slowly navigate the island and listen to the history stories.

They all seem to be laid back.

Even the Grand Hotel's topiary was in the horse and buggy island theme!

If you're lucky enough to spend a night at the Grand Hotel this is your taxi from the port
up to the hotel and back again.
Pretty classy!

Besides walking and biking getting around with these lovely horses make for a 
charming time!
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August 19, 2017

Mackinac Grand Hotel Porch

Always on the look out for some good quality porch sitting.
The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island didn't disappoint!

August 14, 2017

Mackinac Bridge

The Mackinac Bridge can't be missed when you're at the top of Michigan.
Crossing the Mackinac straits where Lake Michigan and Lake Huron meet...
It has had many distinctions of the longest, tallest, etc, 

Sturdy and strong the bridge has withstood some nasty Winters.

In the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (the U P) trees are in abundance.
The bridge has provides access instead of ferries for the endless supply of wood.

From every angle you can see this structure.

I can't imagine being brave enough to help build this massive bridge.
Could you climb up to the top with unexpected winds at any time?

Above St. Ignace, Michigan, you can see the bridge stand out above the pines.

This was our arrival to the bridge from Mackinac City, Michigan.
There was a high wind warning and constructions at points.
The warnings only allowed 20 mph that day.
It was intimidating at this point!

It seems as we crossed the bridge its own wether patterns were in force.
We hit wind, rain, sun but was given some great views!

Even from the porch of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island you can spy the bridge
in the distance!
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August 12, 2017

Mackinac Island

Upon arriving in Mackinac Island it's time to consider if your'e going on foot, carriage
or bicycle!

Most of the places to shop are on the main street.
No cars to interrupt here!

There's lots of places for a drink or to eat and of course to buy fudge!

One of the oldest and most famous place to buy fudge.
Bicycle parallel  parking?

August 7, 2017

Arches Rock ~ Mackinac Island, MI

It was difficult to get a picture of this fabulous view.
There were lots of visitors checking this spot out.
Arches Rock on Mackinac Island in the middle of Lake Huron 
can leave you breathless.
With the rock between the sky and the lake you can hardly tell the 
difference where one starts or ends.

Looking up the coast of Mackinac Island gave you the feeling
that you were in the mountains in the Caribbean some where.

These beautiful bluets were so vibrant!
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