December 30, 2008


What contrasting pictures.... Santa brought Rock Band and XBox and I do believe we've played more gigs than most new bands since Christmas. I do know that I won't be an American Idol contestant any time soon. They are paying me 'not' to sing! The other pic is of the local library in Mt. Holly Springs. It is a most charming building. The inside is even more charming. Some day soon I must take the camera inside to get a few shots of the outstanding wood work. We spend alot of time here and love to be with books. Since my children have been small we attend many of the activities and always enjoy a great time. The woodwork in this building is awe inspiring. If you've never been here believe me it's worth just to get a peek of some old world charm. Thanks to Amelia Givens in her donations to the community many many years ago. Support your local library!

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