December 30, 2008

Family Christmas

A special thanks today for my family. We were all together at Christmas even though it gets harder each year as we grow. We had great eats and a fantastic time together. Did anyone take notice the television wasn't even turned on!! Thanks to my Mom and Dad for providing their home and an endless supply of food. We played our family game again this year and it was a good time. Stacy wound up with the best gift of all. An emergency underware kit!!! Will it show up again on another year? Monica has become British and does a great job on her guitar. Thanks for sharing with us! I do believe that maybe she could've been the 5th Beatle! It was good to hear about Cortney, Cory and Nick's college days but I'm sure there's a few things they haven't shared with us! Samantha brought her charm and got the best gift of all from her Grandparents -- Beatle's Abbey Road poster! (she's such an old soul) Cody got a Nerf gun to get ready to be a hunter and Drew and Connor brought their great humor to share with us all. The gifts were all great but personally I think all of us would give up every gift just to have the gift of togetherness. We are so blessed and thank God for looking over us.

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